This is a list of men who are cited in some sources as having gone to Spain with O'Duffy. The problem is that I can find NO EVIDENCE THAT THEY ACTUALLY MADE THE TRIP. Some men dropped out in Galway, others thought about it, but didn't make the trip. This page makes a request to any and all readers, can you help prove that any of these people WERE IN Spain?

Ciaran Crossey, May 17th 2006.

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List of possible volunteers with O'Duffy's Bandera

Updated, June 5th 2006

When I put this page online I was really hoping for some feedback from people out there, people who could help clear up this problem list, by providing evidence one way or the other on these names.

I am glad to say that a Mr Warner was in touch today with a sensible explanation to cut one name of this list, KM O'Malley.

O'Duffy mentions a Tyrell O'Malley, from Ross House, Co. Mayo while Stradling lists a KM O'Malley. Neither present definite proof that the man was fighting in Spain. The seperate listing for KM O'Malley has been removed on the basis that Mr Warner tells me that as a Knight of Malta, Tyrell O'Malley could also style himself as O'Malley, KM.

Thanks for that, so that's one problem sorted. Any other help would be appreciated.

Ciaran Crossey, June 5th 2006.

Updated, 23rd July 2008

On recently looking at the lists again I realise that P FAREY of Belfast, who had been listed here, is just a misreading for Peter FANNING of BElfast, so that's one error removed from the books. I would welcome any further corrections.

  • Aherne Louis
  • Airlie T Ballinalee, Longford
  • Bennett Richard 2 New Lisburn St, Dublin
  • Blackett William Old Bridge, Clonmel, Tipperary
  • Blake William Garrymore, Clonmel, Tipperary
  • Burke Patrick 38 Mountjoy Square, Dublin
  • Carroll Matt M 1 Bride Rd, Dublin
  • Callaghan, John Newtowncunningham, Donegal.
  • Casey James Ballaghadereen, Roscommon
  • Chambers Lenny Westport, Monaghan
  • Connor James 19 North Anne St, Dublin
  • Conway Thomas Clonmel, Tipperary
  • Coogan ? Galway
  • Coughley Bill Youghal, Waterford
  • Cronin William 14 Glenegad, Clonmel, Tipperary
  • Crowe Thomas 10 Cadogan Rd, Fairview, Dublin
  • Crowley J Monaghan
  • Cullen Nicholas 72 Meath St, Dublin
  • Cummins Ed 52 Tend St, Dublin
  • Curran Patrick London
  • D'Arcy Francis 18 North Anne St, Dublin
  • Dalton John 315 Oliver Bond House, Bridgefort St, Dublin
  • Daly James P 3 East James Place, Dublin
  • Dempsey Michael Clonmel, Tipperary
  • Donnelly J.
  • Dooks John Glenbeigh, Kerry
  • Doyle ? Tralee, Kerry
  • Doyle J. The Curragh, Kerry
  • Doyle Joe Dublin
  • Elliman Joseph 22 McDonnell St, Belfast
  • Ennis Charles 14 Henrietta St,Dublin
  • Feeney L. E. Lishmore, Waterford
  • Finneran Patrick Dysart, Roscommon
  • Fitzgerald Eugene P. Dungarvan, Waterford
  • Foley Thomas 55 Bendurb St, Dublin
  • Forrelly P.
  • Fraser Mona 12 Shanganagh Terrace, Killiney
  • Frazer F Tipperary
  • Furey Pat 61 Mountjoy Square, Dublin
  • Ginon James 5 Baker St, Belfast
  • Halloran Christy Tralee, Kerry
  • Harte John Lamagh, Newtown Forbes, Longford
  • Hastings Denis Limerick
  • Hastings Gerald Limerick
  • Herlihy D.
  • Hobbins Miss M H Ennis. She had applied for permission from the County hospital at Ennis to go to Spain, but permission was refused by the Board of Health. There is no indication that she really made the trip.
  • Holohan James Arklow, Wicklow
  • Horan Hugh Peter Street, Clonmel, Tipperary
  • Hynes Edward Dublin
  • Irwin Christopher5 Buckingham Tce, Dublin.
  • Karnell A. Thomastown, Kilkenny
  • Keating John 245 Oliver Bond House, Dublin
  • Keating Patrick Ferns, Wexford
  • Keating W Tipperary
  • Kellett Dublin
  • Kelly Daniel 15 Rieman st, Belfast
  • Kelly Luke Blackrock, Dublin
  • King Gus Kenagh, Longford
  • Lacey JJ Tipperary
  • Leddon William 20 Golden Lane, Dublin
  • Little ? Waterford
  • Lynch Liam Oughterard, Galway
  • Lynn Jack. - This man is listed as volunteering for Spain, but no real evidence that he actually went. The Irish News called him a 'heavy weight boxer and swimmer, who has made several rescues from drowning.'
  • MacMahon P.
  • Maguire M Cabra, Dublin
  • McCabe F Ballyconnell, Cork
  • McCarthy James Spring's Lane, Tralee, Kerry
  • McCarthy W. Bandon, Cork. - In the National Archives in Dublin there is a ref. to a William McCarthy who had been 'repatriated by the Legation at public expense.' There is no such name listed among the Republican names and no indication that he was with the Bandera.
  • McConnell V. Dublin
  • McCullagh John Monaghan
  • McGhee T. Tullaveen, Cavan
  • McGrath C. Dublin
  • McGrogan Brian Belfast. A small note in the Irish News said that Brian McGrogan 24 years old, was the first Northern vol. for O'Duffy. He was from Lisburn Avenue, Belfast. "I know that if we get to Spain we will undergo great risks, but nevertheless I am very enthusiastic about the matter and I am patiently waiting every day on the word from General O'Duffy." His name does not appear on any of the Spanish lists, so while he volunteered he may not actually have gone.
  • McKernan John F. Cootehill, Cavan
  • McStewart Sean Dublin
  • Mooney Jim 1 Dolan's Court, Dublin
  • Mooney S Blackrock, Dublin
  • Moran John 22 Barlow St, Dun Laoghaire
  • Munnelly Mick Ballina, Mayo
  • Murphy James 22 Nick St, Dublin
  • Murphy Sean Dublin
  • Murphy W Youghal, Cork
  • Myers J Town Wall, Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary
  • Norris J Youghal, Cork
  • Norris J Ballymahon, Longford
  • O'Brien Denis 34 Cashel Street, Clonmel, Tipperary
  • O'Brien Edward 68 Meath St, Dublin
  • O'Brien Frank Dublin
  • O'Brien Patrick 150 Uper Abbey St, Dublin
  • O'Byrne Sean R Dublin
  • O'Callaghan John Tralee, Kerry
  • O'Connor D. Tralee, Kerry
  • O'Daly Peter Lurgahamlough, Monaghan. He is listed in the Irish Press, 7th January 1937, as having left Ballybay yesterday, the 6th, for Spain to join O'Duffy. A 'well-known figure in Monaghan GAA circles.' Brother of Fr Charles O'Daly. No further evidence has emerged.
  • O'Duffy George Belfast
  • O'Gorman Thomas Carrickshock, Hugginstown, Co. Kilkenny.
  • O'Grady John 19 Queen Street, Clonmel, Tipperary
  • O'Halloran Michael Ballyheigue, Kerry
  • O'Keefe John Belfast
  • O'Leary Joe ?
  • O'Malley Tyrell Ross House, Co. Mayo. O'Duffy mentions details in his book, the source of which was the Irish Independent, 14/3/37, that Captain Tyrell O'Malley, Knight of Malta, had a conversation with a Captain Grijalba, a Spanish officer who had fought with the Bandera. The Spaniard said the Irish were good soldiers. My inference from this is exchange is that O'Malley had not been in the Bandera. That conversation was on the French-Spanish border, so perhaps O'Malley was out with the non-intervention committee. Stradling also lists him as KM O'Malley, p261.
  • O'Neill H.
  • O'Neill Michael Knockraha, Cork
  • O'Riordan John Ballymullen, Tralee, Kerry
  • Prior Tom Clare
  • Quigley Joseph Dublin
  • Quinn John Rossadrehid, Bansha
  • Quirke John 149 Upper Abbey St, Dublin
  • Reid Philip Leicester. In the London PRO there is a file saying that Reid, of 22 Danes Hill Road, Leicester, had gone to live in County Cork in 1937. "Believed killed in Spain fighting for General Franco. was last heard of 2 years ago when he went to live in County Cork." 6' 11", dark wavy hair, blue eyes, large mole on his upper right arm.
  • Rochford Andrew 55 Benburb St, Dublin
  • Rowe Patrick Summer Street, Limerick
  • Seery Patrick Kilbeggan
  • Shields James 4 Shaws Lane, Dublin
  • Slevin William 100 Upper Church St, Dublin
  • Spillane Stephen Garvey's Range, Limerick.
  • Stanley John Durham
  • Sugrue Stephen Whitefield, Beaufort, Kerry
  • Sullivan G. Tralee
  • Tierney Paddy Dublin
  • Treacy Tim 12 Wolfe Tone Ave, Dun Laoghaire
  • Walsh James 9 Glenegad Road, Clonmel, Tipperary
  • Walsh Thomas Killevon, Roscommon
  • Walshe Andrew Mary Street, Tralee, Kerry
  • Ward Laurence Clonlost, Killucan.
  • Young Willie Cootehill, Cavan

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