Date 18th May 2006

PRESS RELEASE:- The passing of Micheál O'Ríordán

The International Brigades Commemoration Committee notes with deep sadness and regret the passing, this morning, of Micheál O'Ríordán, veteran of the International Brigade, and former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland.

In 1938, Micheál went to fight fascism in Spain with the XVth International Brigade. He received a citation for particularly outstanding bravery under fire during fighting on the Ebro front where he was wounded in action.

A leading figure in the fight for social justice Micheál will be missed by many in the Labour movement. He was also the author of ‘The Connolly Column, The story of the Irishmen who fought for the Spanish Republic, 1936-1939’, a second edition of which was recently relaunched.

The IBCC had hoped that Micheál would have been present for the unveiling of the sculpture in Belfast commemorating the International Brigades later in the year. Given today’s sad news this event will be all the more poignant.

On behalf of the IBCC we would lke to extend to Micheál’s family, comrades and friends our heartfelt sympathy for their loss.

'You can go proudly. You are history. You are legend. You are the heroic example of democracy's solidarity and universality, in face of the shameful, 'accommodating' spirit of those who interpret democratic principles with their eyes on the hords of wealth or the industrial shares which they want to preserve from any risk.

We shall not forget you.'

Dolores Ibarruri (La Passionaria)

The funeral will be held on Saturday at 12.30pm in Glasnevin Cemetary, Dublin.

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