Revised Bibliography

I've substantially extended the newspaper articles. 10th Feb. 2008 CC

I had initially included a bibliography on the site but here is a substantially longer revised bibliography, revised early 2004, extended in Feb. 2008 and again on Dec. 22nd 2008.

Additions, or corrections, would be most welcome. Ciaran Crossey, Dec. 22nd 2008

Latest additions

Piece on Bill Bailey in the Irish Echo.

Books/pamphlets by or about Irish participants

Notes from An t-Eireannach This selection is based on translations from the book about an Irish language paper, An t-Eirneach
Ball Henry Kelly, VC, MC.[This pamphlet says he was in Spain, Kelly wasn't, CC, 2/2/8]
Andrew Boyd Jack White (1879-1946) First Commander Irish Citizen Army, [Belfast] Donaldson Archives, 2001.
Belfast Executive Republican Clubs. No Pasaran! : The Story of the Irish volunteers who served with the International Brigades. [extract] Belfast, Belfast Executive of Republican Clubs, 1977
Craigavon and District Council of trade Unions: A Common History, Craigavon, CDCTU, 2007.
Ciaran Crossey: No Pasaran. Belfast, Belfast and District Trades Union Council, 2007.
Ciaran Crossey: Jim Haughey - a Lurgan volunteer in the Spanish Civil War, Belfast, 2007.
Soldier for Hire Extract on Spain from a book by Thomas (Red) Cushing, London, 1962, John Calder [I don't think this man was in Spain, but this is his account, not mine, CC, 2/2/8]
Lynn Damme [extracts from] The Kid from Hoboken: An Autobiography by Bill Bailey 1993.
The full text was available at, 1st August 2003
Gerald Dawe, Proper word: collected criticism - Ireland, poetry, politics, [Chapter "Heroic Heart Charlie Donnelly", p159-172], Omaha,USA; Creighton University, 2007 Added Feb. 20th 2008
Frank Deegan There was no other way Liverpool, Toulouse Press 1980
Richard Doherty and David Truesdale Irish Winners of the Victoria Cross. Dublin. Four Courts. 2000 [mentions of Henry Kelly]
Joseph Donnelly Charlie Donnelly: the life and poems - Dublin, Dedalus, 1987
Bob Doyle: Memorias de un rebelde sin pausa [in Spanish], Madrid, AABI, 2002.
Bob Doyle: Brigadista - An Irishman's fight against fascism. Notes and additional text by Harry Owens. Dublin, currach Press, 2006.
Frank Edwards: Portrait of an Irish Anti-Fascist - By Manus O’Riordan
FRANK EDWARDS: The man that fought the Bishop The story of his life in Waterford [Copyright © David Smith 2002]
Ruth and Edmund Frow Sam Wild A biography in part, 1908-1938.
Adrian Hoar, In Red and Green the lives of Frank Ryan, Dingle, Bandon Books, 2004
International Brigadier In Spain with the International Brigade, [Alex Alexander]
Mick Jenkins George Brown -Portrait of a Communist Leader
Tom Jones: Major Frank Ryan: Adjutant of the 15th International Brigade of the Spanish Republican Army. Written Feb. 1975.
Salaria Kea. Passing Through
Salaria Kee: A Negro Nurse in Republican Spain. A pamphlet issued by the Negro Committee to Aid Spain with the Medical Bureau and North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy, New York, 1938. Reprinted by the Bay Area Post February 6, 1977, Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.
Bill Kelly Sworn to be free 1981
Peter Kemp Mine were of trouble London, Cassel 1957
Peter Kemp The Thorns of Memory, Sinclair-Stevenson.
H Gustav Klaus Strong words brave deeds: the poetry, life and times of Thomas O'Brien, volunteer in the (ed.) Spanish Civil War. Dublin: O'Brien Press 1994
James McCarthy Adventures with the Irish Brigade.
Fearghal McGarry Irish Politics and the Spanish Civil War, Cork, Cork University Press, (1999)
Fearghal McGarry, Frank Ryan; Dundalk: Dundalgan Press for the Historical Association of Ireland,2002
Fearghal McGarry, Eoin O'Duffy, a self-made hero; Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2005
John McGuffin and Joseph Mulhern Charles "Nomad" McGuinness : being a true account of his amazing adventures. Derry, Irish Resistance Books, 2002
Charles John McGuinness Nomad: memoirs of an Irish sailor, soldier, pearl-fisher, pirate, gun-runner, rum-runner, rebel, Antarctic explorer. - London : Methuen & Co., 1934
Seamus McKee I was a Franco soldier - By an ex-member of the Irish Brigade London, United Editorial, 1937
Rob MacMillan Pat Murphy 1898-1974
Harry Midgley Spain, the press, the pulpit and the truth. Belfast 1936
Ewart Milne Drums without end. Portee, Aquila 1986
Joe Monks. With the Reds in Andalusia. Joe Monks, London 1985
Francis E Nangle A Short account of the Nangle family compiled by F.E. Nangle in collaboration with J.F.T. Nangle [Great Britain]. [F. Nangle]. 1986
Steve Nugent: No Coward Soul, Jack Nalty (1902-1938), Canada, Firehouse Productions, 2003. [extracts available here.]
Jim O'Connor. Even the olives are bleeding. The life and times of Charles Donnelly. Dublin: New Island Books, 1992
Peter O'Connor For the Record: Some Personal Recollections.
Peter O'Connor Peadar O'Donnell
Peter O'Connor. A soldier of liberty. Recollections of a socialist and anti-fascist fighter. Dublin: MSF, 1996
Seosamh O Cuineaghan The War in Spain. Enniscorthy, Enniscorthy Echo, [1975]
Seosamh O Cuineaghan Saga of the Irish Brigade to Spain 1936. Enniscorthy [1976]
Peadar O'Donnell. Salud! An Irishman in Spain. London: Methuen, 1937
Eoin O'Duffy Crusade in Spain, Dublin: Browne and Nolan, 1938
Eoghan O Duinnin La nina bonita agus an Rïosin Dubh, Baile an Cliath: Coiscïem, 1986
Manus O'Riordan Communism in Dublin in the 1930's. In Gustav Klaus (Ed) Strong Words, Brave Deeds, Dublin 1994.
Manus O'Riordan The War Hero from Morley's Bridge 1999 [Lehane]
Manus O'Riordan Portrait of an Irish Anti-Fascist. Frank Edwards 1907-1983.
Manus O'Rirdan A Diversity of volunteers - a talk at the International Brigade Commemoration Committee Public Seminar Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Spanish Anti-Fascist War in Transport House, Belfast, 16th Sept. 2006. This features Jim Haughey and CJ McGuiness.
Manus O'Riordan In Search of Michael Lehane 2000
Michael O'Riordan Ireland and the Spanish Anti-fascist struggle. November 1966
Michael O'Riordan The Connolly Column, New Books, Dublin 1979
Michael O'Riordan The Connolly Column, [The original book was reprinted with a lot of new material.] Warren and Pell, Wales, 2005
Michael O'Riordan Ireland and the Spanish Anti-Fascist War 22 November 1999
Raymond John Quinn: Irish Volunteers for Spain, Belfast, Belfast Cultural and Local History Group, 2004.
Raymond John Quinn: Irish Volunteers for Spain, Belfast, Bryson Publications, 2006. [2nd revised edition of the 2004 printing.]
Frank Ryan (Ed) The Book of the XV Brigade: Records of British, American, Canadian and Irish Volunteers in the XV International Brigade Madrid, War Commissariat 1938 [This was reprinted in 1975 by Frank Graham, Newcastle]
Robert Stradling The Irish and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. crusades in conflict, Manchester. Manchester University Press. 1999
Jack R White. The meaning of anarchism. Theory illuminated by recent practice in Spain. London Freedom Group, London, 1938
Jack Robert White Misfit an autobiography London, Jonathon Cape, 1930
Jack Robert White Misfit an autobiography; Dublin, Livewire Publications, 2005. [Essentially a reprint with a new introduction.]
CAPTAIN J. R. WHITE - Where Casement would have stood To-day
J R White The Significance of Sinn Fein Psychological, Political, and Economic. - Published Martin Lester, Ltd, Dublin 1919.

Books, etc by Non-Irish veterans

Bill Alexander British Volunteers for Liberty: Spain 1936-39, London, 1982
John Angus With the International Brigade in Spain, Loughborough, Loughborough University Dept. of Education, 1983.
Jim Brewer Memoirs. [Mention of Mattie Ryan]
Fred E Clarke Entering the Conflict [John Tierney and Glasson.] 2002
Fred Copeman Reason in Revolt London, Blandford Press: [1948.]
Jack Coward Back from the dead. With an introduction on the Merseyside volunteers in the International Brigade by Alan O'Toole and John Nettleton Liverpool. Merseyside Writers. ca.1985
Richard Felstead No other way: Jack 'Russia'Roberts and the Spanish Civil War, Port Talbot, Alun Books, 1981.
Harry Fisher Comrades. Tales of a brigadista in the Spanish Civil War Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press 1998
Carl Geiser Prisoners of the good fight. The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, Westport, Conn., L Hill, c.1986
Jason Gurney Crusade in Spain. London, Faber and Faber
David Hooper No Pasaran. Avon Books, 1997
Louis 'Bobby' Hearst The First Twelve
Jack Jones Union Man, London, Collins, 1986.
Ronald Leveridge Memoirs of a Canadian volunteer 1966
Maurice Levine From Cheetham to Cordova. Manchester, 1984
Manchester International Greater Manchester Men who fought in Spain, Manchester,
Brigade Memorial Committee Manchester International Brigade Memorial Committee, 2002
George Orwell Homage to Catalonia, London, Secker and Warberg, 1980.
Esmond Romily Boadilla: A personal record of the English group of the Thaelmann Battalion in Spain London, Hamish Hamilton 1937
Hank Rubin Spain's Cause was mine Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press. c1997
Cyril Sexton Memories of the SCW.
John Tisa Recalling the good fight, Philadelphia, Bergin, Garvey Publishers Inc, 1983.
George Wheeler To make the people smile again, Newcastle upon Tyne, Zymurgy Publishing, 2003

Books/Pamphlets on the war with SOME useful mentions of Irish volunteers

Christopher Andrews KGB (The Inside Story)
Marcel Arier (Ed) From Spanish Trenches, New York, Modern Age Books, 1937 [F Ryan]
Ballymacarrett Research Group. Lagan enclave. A history of conflict in the Short Strand, 1886-1997. Belfast, Ballymacarrett Research Group, 1997.
Richard Baxell, British Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, Wales, Warren and Pell, 2007.
J Bowyer Bell. Ireland and the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. In HG Klaus, Strong words, brave deeds.
William C Beeching Canadian Volunteers in Spain, 1936-39. [Regina, Sask.]. Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina. 1989
Tom Buchanan The Spanish Civil War and the British Labour Movement, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1991
Paddy Byrne The Irish Republican Congress revisited. Connolly Publications Ltd, London 1994
Dennis Carroll They have fooled you again: Michael O'Flannagan (1887-1942). Blackrock: Columba Press 1993
Dennis Carroll Unusual suspects: twelve radical clergymen Blackrock, Co. Dublin Columba Press, 1998
Peter Carroll The Odyssey of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion Stanford, California University Press 1994
Communist Party of Ireland Outline history Dublin, [n.d.] [New Books]
Bob Cooney Road to Spain
John Cooney John Charles McQuaid, Ruler of Catholic Ireland. Dublin, O'Brien Press 1999
David Corkhill (ed) Road to Spain [P Glacken]
Mike Cronin The Blueshirts and Irish Politics Dublin, Four Courts Press, 1997
Sean Cronin. Frank Ryan - The search for the republic. Dublin: Repsol 1980
Kathleen Devine (Ed) Roads to Spain: Irish writers and the Spanish Civil War Gerrards Cross. Colin Smythe. 1999
W E Duff A time for spies. Theodore Stephanovich Mally and the era of the great illegals Nashville, Vanderbilt University Press 1999
James Durney On the one road: Political unrest in Kildare 1913-1994; Published by him, in Naas, 2001. [There's a chapter on the Blueshirts, with useful information on Peter Lawlor. Mentions 5 other local Banderamen. Added, Feb. 20th 2007]
Lloyd Edwards Letters from Spain, George Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1986. [Amirah Inglis ed.]
Lionel Fleming Head or Harp London, Barrie & Rockliff, 1965
Conor Foley Legion of the Rearguard. Republicanism,Nationalism and the Irish London, Pluto, 1992.
Hugh D Ford A Poet's war: British poets and the Spanish Civil War. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1965. [There are a number of references to Irish involvement.]
Jim Fryth The Signal was Spain. Lawrence and Wishart, London 1986
Patrick Galvin Song for a poor boy. A Cork childhood (p25-26). Dublin: Raven Arts Press. [Extract]
John Gerassi The Premature Antifascists: North American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War 1936-39 - An oral history. New York, Praeger 1986
George Gilmore. The Irish Republican Congress. Cork Workers Club, Cork 1978
C Desmond Greaves Reminiscences of the Connolly Association, [London], [Connolly Association] [1978]
Christopher Hall "Disciplina Comaradas" Four English volunteers in Spain 1936 - 1939
Harry Haywood Black Bolshevik autobiography of an Afro-American communist [T Trent, a mistake.] Chicago. Liberator Press. c1978
Peter Hegarty Peadar O'Donnell- Dublin, Mercier Press, 1999
Darlene Clarke Hine, Black Women in White: Racial conflict and co-operation in the nursing profession, Bloomington, Indiana University Press.
James K Hopkins Into the heart of the fire: The British in the Spanish Civil War, Stanford, Californa, Stanford University Press, 1998.
International solidarity with the Spanish Republic 1936-1939 Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1976
Angela Jackson British Women and the Spanish Civil War London. Routledge, 2002
Stephen G Jones Sport, politics and the working class: a study in organised labour and sport in inter-war Britain Manchester. Manchester University Press, 1992
Joint letter by the Spanish Bishops to the Bishops of the whole world concerning the war in Spain. Catholic Truth Society, London, 1938
Juduth Keene The last mile to Huesca. An Australian nurse in the Spanish Civil War Kensington, NSW. New South Wales University Press, c1988
Judith Keene Fighting for Franco. International volunteers in nationalist Spain during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 London. New York. Leicester University Press, 2001
D Keogh. Ireland and the popular fronts 1936-1939. In Ireland and Europe, 1919-1948. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan, 1988
D Keogh. The Vatican, the bishops and Irish politics 1919-39. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1986
Harvey Klehr, John Secret World of American Communism New Haven, Yale University Press, Earl Hayes and F I Firson 1995
W G Krivitsky I was Stalin's Spy Ian Faulkner Publishing Ltd, Cambridge, 1992 [Brian Goold Verschoyle]
Jeremy Lewis Cyril Connolly, a life. London. Jonathan Cape, 1997
Earl of Listowel Memoirs (accessed 1 August 2003)
Uinseann Mac Eoin The IRA in the twilight years 1923-1948. Argenta Publications, Dublin, 1997
Uinseann Mac Eoin Survivors: the story of Ireland's struggle as told through some of her outstanding living people recalling events from the days of Davitt through James Connolly, Brugha, Collins, Liam Mellows and Rory O'Connor to the present day. Dublin: Argenta Publications, 1980
Francis McCullough In Franco's Spain, London, Burns, Oates and Washbourne Ltd, 1938
R B McDowell The Irish Convention 1917-18, Routledge, 1970
Fergal McGarry General O'Duffy, the National Corporate Party and the Irish Brigade. In Ireland in the 1930's Joost Augustin (Ed)
Michael McInnerny Peadar O'Donnell: Irish social rebel. O'Brien Press, Dublin 1974
Michael MacUileag�id From fetters to freedom. The inside story of Irish jailbreaks Belfast, Sasta,1996 [CJ McGuinness]
Maurice Manning The Blueshirts, 1970. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan 1987
Marquis de Merry del Val. The conflict in Spain. Communist's mis-statements refuted. London, Catholic Truth Society, 1937
Jose Luis de Mesa Los otros internacionales, [Extract] Madrid, Ediciones Barbarroja.
Albert Meltzer I couldn't paint Golden Angels, AK Press, 1996
Edward Mendelson Early Auden London. Faber, 1981
Mike Milotte Communism in modern Ireland: The pursuit of the Workers Republic since 1916 Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, 1984
Molly Murphy Molly Murphy: Suffragette and Socialist alford, University of Salford, 1999.
Patrick Murray Oracles of God. The RC Church and Irish politics, 1922-37, Dublin, UCD Press, 2000
C Nelson and J Hendricks Madrid 1937: Letters of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade from the Spanish Civil War London, Routledge, 1996
Steve Nelson The volunteers [A personal narrative of the fight against fascism in Spain] New York. Masses & Mainstream. 1958
Kate Newman Dictionary of Ulster Biography, p11 [Marginal ref. To Margaret Barrington.]
Sean Nolan. Communist Party of Ireland - Outline history. New Books, Dublin, 1975
Peadar O'Donnell Salud! An Irishman in Spain London, Methuen, 1937
Padraic O'Farrell Who's who in the Irish war of Independence 1916-1921 Dublin, Mercier Press. 1980
Manus O'Riordan Irish and Jewish volunteers in the Spanish Anti-fascist War. A 50th Anniversary lecture and record recital.
Christopher Othen Holidays in Spain, Foreign Vol. Publications, 2002.
Nettie Palmer and Len Fox Australians in Spain, with the help of Jim McNeill and Ron Hurd, Sydney, Australia, Current Book Distributors, 1948.
Arthur Peacock Yours fraternally, London, Pendulum Publications, 1945. Liz Pihl (ed) Toksvig, Signe. - Signe Toksvig's Irish diaries 1926-1937 Dublin, Lilliput, 1994
Al Prago and Alvah Bessie Our fight. Writings by veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Spain 1936-39 - New York, N.Y, Monthly Review Press with the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, [1987]
Raymond Quinn [extract]Rebel Voice. A history of Belfast republicanism 1925-1972. Belfast, Belfast Cultural and Local History Group, 1999.
Bill Rolston and and Ronnie Munck Belfast in the thirties, Belfast, Blackstaff Press, 1987 [This has the mistaken listing of Fairleigh as a volunteer.]
Michael Shelden Orwell: The authorised biography [ref. to John Paddy Donovan.] London. Heinemann, 1991
Karlo Stajner 7000 days in Siberia Edinburgh, Canongate Publishing Ltd, 1988. Originally published in Serbo-Croat in 1971. Joel Agee translated this edition. [B Goold Verschoyle.]
E Stephan Spies in Ireland London Macdonald, 1963
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Robert Stradling History and Legend. Writing on the International Brigade Cardiff, University of Wales Press, 2003
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Hugh Thomas The Spanish civil War, London, 1990
Chalmers (Terry) Trench Nearly Ninety: Reminisences Ballivor, Co Meath The Cannon Press 1996
Library Committee of the Dioceses of Down; Clergy of Connor from Patrician times to the present day. , Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast. 1993. [This has a paragraph on the Rev. Robert Hilliard, Connor and Dromore, who served and died in the International Brigade.]
G S Walker The politics of frustration: Harry Midgley and the failure of Labour in Northern Ireland. Manchester: Manchester University Press 1985
K Watson Single to Spain London, Arthur Barker, 1937
Francesca Wilson Spain
Jack R White, Capt. Where Casement would have stood today. London 1936
TC Worsley Behind the battle Dublin, Robert Hale 1939

Newspaper and journal articles

Note added, January 8th 2008

When I recently looked at this bibliography there was about 150 pieces from 101 titles.

As of today, 8th January there are 157 different papers listed here, with 340 articles, over double the number of articles! Of these articles more than 130 have links so you can read them whenever you want.

Can I repeat my request - anyone would anyone who knows of other newspaper, magazine or journal articles releveant to the Irish in the SCW, please send me the details and I'll add them to this bibliography.

C Crossey, 8th Jan. 2008.

Akron Beacon Journal
Death notice for Salaria (Kea) O'Reilly, 21st May 1990

Communists move to Pembroke Road March 1952

American Historical Review
Book Review: The Irish & the Spanish Civil War, Stradlings book reviewed by Joost Augusteijn, October 2000

Andersonstown News
Connolly Column enters Moscow. 09 May 1987, p4. Report on visit to Moscow by M O'Riordan for the publication of Connolly Column in Russian. The first print run was of 60,000 copies.
Jacqueline Hogge, Calling all West Belfast veteran's of the 1930's Spanish Civil War, 2 September 2000
Jacqueline Hogge Heroic veterans of the Spanish Civil War to take their place in history. 9 September 2000

Ballymena Guardian
T J McElligott Jack White of Ballymena, p8, 3 August 1989

Belfast Telegraph
Photograph of Joe Boyd and Fred McMahon (16th Sept 1936)
Ulstermen Home from Spain, 13th Dec. 1938
E McLlaine, Fight for Glory in the Spanish Sun, 17th July 1996, p10
Joe Boyd:- The Last Brigader By Liz Shaw Saturday 18 June 2005 . [Joe's daughter]
SCW memorial plans July 19th, 2006

Belfast Weekly News
Spanish Refugees 14 April 1938

Black and Red Revolution
Peadar O'Donnell and the Spanish Revolution by Donal Ó Drisceoil in the Workers Solidarity Movement journal,Dublin, 2001.

Dermot Keogh An eye witness to history: Fr. Alexander J McCabe and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. p445-488

Mary N Harris Catholicism, Nationalism and the Labour Question in Belfast, 1925-1938, 1997 [iseful background piece, no direct info on SCW.
Fearghal McGarry, Ireland and the Spanish Civil War - a regional study, [Limerick] 2000

Canadian Journal of Irish Studies
Sean O'Casey, In the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War: A previously unpublished letter from Sean O'Casey to the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, 1999

Cathir na Mart
Robert A Stradling. A war of ideas? Irish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Westport Historical Society journal, No. 15, 1995, p110-118.

Catholic Bulletin
1936- Several articles on the SCW

Catholic Herald
Internationals keep up Red Morale, 14 April 1938 [Report of a J Smith, Manchester, allegedly with the IB, no proof has emerged.]

Gordon Gillespie The Secret Life of DG Waring 1998
John Quinn. Spanish comrades. Spring 1998, p54-55.

Clare Champion
Kevin J Browne. A letter from Brendan Moroney 21 December 1979

Cleveland Magazine
Salaria Kea and John O'Reilly - Volunteers who met and wed in Spain, 1975

Cornish Banner
Patrick ‘Harry’ Glasson: Cornishman in the Spanish Civil War [Irish father] by James Whetter, No 129, August 2007

An Cosantoir
V Ennis, Some Catholic Moors, Feb. 1998

Daily Express
Deaths at Teruel February 1938

Daily Ireland
An unflagging peoples’ champion by Eugene McCartan, CPI Secretary, 19/5/6
Mick O’Riordan [CC, Check Date, May 2006
O’Riordan admirers by Tommy McKearney, 23/05/2006

Daily Mail [Irish edition]
The Fighting Pastor by John Breslin, April 27, 2006 on Bob Hilliard.
May 19, 2006, The last Communist - Spanish Civil War hero O'Riordan dies at 88
May 22, 2006, Page 24 - The final red flag salute for Comrade O'Riordan

Daily Telegraph
Briton killed in fighting 18 December 1936
General Franco frees 67 Britons 6 February 1937

Daily Worker
JBS Haldane and 4 Spanish Brigadiers in Thetis Test Ordeal 21 July 1939

DECIES: Journal of the Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society
Behind the legend: Waterfordmen in the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War
2005, Volume 61, pages 267-85.

Derry Journal
Charles J McGuinness: A tale of Derry's Great Adventurer. [2002?]

Derry News
C Crossey Letter to Derry News for Information on the 10 Derry names, 26 March 2001
McGuffin, Paddy. No Pasaran 25 April 2002 [Interview with John McGrotty about Eamonn.]

Dromore Weekly Times
2 pieces on SCW, 21st August 1936
The Spanish Civil War - mass meeting at Dromore, 7th Nov. 1936

Dublin Evening Mail
Dublin Boys – Amazing Escape - Kevin Blake and Paddy Cochrane, 5th October 1937
Frank Ryan's Fate - Dublin Plea to secure his release. 28 February 1939

Due North
Ulstermen and the Spanish Civil War, by Ciaran Crossey in Due North, the journal of the Federation for Ulster Local Studies. Vol. 1, Issue 5, Spring-Summer 2002.

East Belfast History Society journal
East Belfast Men in the Spanish Civil War. A few small extra details on Stranney, etc. 2005

William Tierney. Irish writers and the Spanish Civil War. Vol. 7 (3), 1972, 36-45

English Historical Review
Peter Hart 'Operation Abroad': The IRA in Britain, 1919-1923. p71-102 February 2000
Frank Ryan, written by Fearghal McGarry, reviewed by Robert Stradling Vol.118 No. 478 p1,086-7

Enniscorthy Echo
Death of last local Spanish Civil War survivor, 15th Feb 2007
August 30, 2007, Sinn Féin to honour Spanish Civil War hero [Peter Daly]

[Cork] Evening Echo
James McCarthy, Adventures in Spain. A series of 9 articles on the Bandera by a volunteer, Sept-October 1967.

Film and Television Technician
Obituary for Danny Gibbons May 1980

Fighting Talk, supplement,
Michael O'Riordan. Interview with Anti-Fascist Action Issue 15 (Winter 1996). London 1996

Ideals indecently buried, Eugene Egan, June 1993
U Bradley, The Old Devil, [Mick O'Riordan] No.351, Belfast, June 1996, p 24-25

Gorey Echo
Survivor of Spanish war. Mary Frances Ryan, June 28th 2006 on Ned Murphy, a Bandera volunteer.

Grimsby Evening Telegraph
Bill Scott - letter 40,000 men did do something 18 October 1975
Photographs of Bill Scott, October 1975
David Ingram Yesterday's horrors today's memories 21 Nov 1975 - [about B Scott]

Alan Travis Mussolini's fascists recruited in Soho coffee shops. 08 May 1999
L Manning and M O’ Kane, ‘The Good Fight, July 15th, G2, p2-3
They Shall Not Pass, [About British veterans, inc. a small piece on Bob Doyle], 10th Nov. 2000

Brendan Moroney Twenty months in the International Brigade. September 1938, p23-5.

Historical Journal
John Newsinger Blackshirts, Blueshirts, and the Spanish Civil War [date missing]

History Ireland
Michael O'Riordan A letter detailing O'Reilly's political life from the defence of Connolly House in 1933 through the SCW to his military funeral in 1968. Autumn 1999
Barry McLoughlin Delegated to the 'New World' Irish communists at Moscow's International Lenin School, 1927-1937 Winter 1999
Brian Hanley Review of Stradlings and McGarry's books Winter 1999
Brian Hanley The Storming of Connolly House, Vol. 7 (2), Summer 1999, p5-7
R Farrelly Maurice Cadell Summer 2000
Fearghal McGarry Ireland and the Spanish Civil War Aug 2001
Frank Ryan - Patriot or collaborator? Fearghal McGarry's book - Frank Ryan Reviewed by MANUS O'RIORDAN, Spring 2003

History Today
Robert Stradling Franco's Irish volunteers. March 1995, p40-47. See also the October 1995 edition, p58-9 for correspondence about this piece.

History Workshop Journal
Francis Hywel 'Say nothing and leave in the middle of the night': The Spanish Civil War revisited. Vol. 32 1991, Autumn

IBMT Newsletter
There is a ref. to Peter Kemp, nationalist, shooting an Irish volunteer, No. 3, Sept. 2002
Short obit for Michael Brennan, No. 4, Feb. 2003
Obit for Eugene Downing, No. 6, Sept. 2003
Appeal for info by Gerry Abrahams on her father, Gerry Doran, No. 6, Sept. 2003
Irish hero honoured. [Report of the Kit Conway memorial.] No. 11, June 2005.
Irish President greets the veterans, No. 13, Feb. 2006. Also in this issue is a report of the Dublin AGM of the IBMT, October 2005.

John Cogger - obituary [of this railway uinion leader], by Barrie Clement [mentions Jim Prendergast], 5th August 2003
James Maley - Spanish Civil War veteran Written by Jim Jump, 18 April 2007

Industrial Worker
Patrick Read, Former Editor of Industrial Worker, Dies Nov. 22nd 1947

Inish Times
Paddy Roe McLaughlin - Donegal and the SCW By Gerard Duddy, Nov. 1st. 2006, Donegal, page 2 with the title, 'The Remarkable Life of Paddy Roe McLaughlin.'

International Journal of Iberian Studies
A Jaspe, Blarney and Belief: Ireland and the Spanish Civil War, 1996

International Journal of Oral History
Munck, R. and Rolston, B., ‘Irish Republicanism in the 1930s: New Uses for Oral History, Vol. 7, No 1, Feb 1986, Meckler Publishing, Westport, p3-18

International Press Correspondence
De Valera and Britain's War Plans, By Charlie Donnelly June 8th 1935
Irish Free State Capitalism Enters Fourth Year of Economic Year by Charles Donnelly, 11th January 1936
Eleventh Hour for the Irish Republican Army by Charles Donnelly, 4th July 1936

Ireland on Sunday
Dearbhall McDonald Court rules on 121-year legacy of a great granny's dowry land. [on story of Patricia Wright, apparently she'd a great aunt killed in SCW.]

Ireland Today
Assorted articles 1936-8

Irish Communist
L Callender. Franco and the Irish News. No 61, January 1971, p1-4

Irish Democrat [1930s - joint CPI/Rep Congress/SPNI paper]
Peter O'Connor How Belfast Hero was killed. A letter from Spain. 8 May 1937 [on Bill Henry]
Covenanter Richard O'Neill An appreciation 08 May 1937
Tommy Wood - An Appreciation, 31st July 1937
Obituary articles for Irish volunteers, August 1937 [Tumilson, W Laughran, M Kelly]

Irish Democrat[Irish community paper in Britain]
Frank Edwards RIP, July 1983
Monument to Tom Patton, September 1984
Vindication! Nov. 1984
Kit Conway - Hero of Jarama By Sean Ua Cearnaigh, Feb. 1987
Bill Scott, RIP, remembered by Patrick Byrne, April 1988
Defending Spanish Democracy, John Quinn, March 1999
Frank Ryan - Patriot or collaborator? Fearghal McGarrys book Frank Ryan reviewed by MANUS O’RIORDAN in the May-June July 2003 edition.
You are history - you are legend" by Ken Keable in late 2004

Irish Echo
A touch of class – working class: Labor Legendary Bailey Honored in San Francisco, by Joe O’Neill, Feb. 12-18 1992.
The Irish boys of the Old (Lincoln) Brigade, May 1-7, 1996, New York By Jack Holland

Irish Ecclesiastical Record
Various 1939 Articles on SCW

Irish Examiner
Spanish Civil War veteran dies [Mick O’Riordan], May 2006.

Irish Freedom
Pat Murphy O'Leary, McCarthy and Burke February 1944
Robert Doyle Jarama February 1944

Irish Historical Studies
James Loughlin Northern Ireland and British fascism in the inter-war years. (November 1995)
Andreas Roth [Broadcasting] May 2001
Fearghal McGarry, Irish newspapers and the Spanish Civil war, xxx111 (129), May 2002

Irish Independent
Charles McGuinness 'I fought with the Reds'. [Series of 5 articles in January 1937.]
Maurice Fennell The Irish Brigade in Spain [April 1976]

Irish Literary Supplement - A Review of Irish Books (Boston)
Was Frank Ryan a Collaborator? A review of FEARGHAL McGARRY’s Frank Ryan by MANUS O'RIORDAN, Fall 2003

Irish Monthly
Various 1937 Several articles on SCW

Irish News
Articles about the arrest of Jack White 19 September 1931
Irish Brigade for Spain [reports of a proposed Northern vol. - Brian McGrogan, but there's no record he actually went!] 07 October 1936
Brendan Anderson. Spanish Civil War veterans 'vindicated' after 60 years. 6 December 1996. About a public meeting addressed by M O'Riordan in Belfast.
Courage of idealists who risked all for democracy, 28th Dec. 1996
Death notices for Patsy McAllister, 18-20 Sept. 1997
Michael Commane North's last Spanish civil war hero dies. 18 Sept 1997 [P McAllister]
On this Day column, [This detailed 13 republicans jailed for 'treason'. Among those named is John McAdams, Bogside - this means that a detail listed as him being in Spain - appeared on the Derry site briefly, can be discounted - he disappeared from Derry not to Spain but to the Crumlin Rd!! Story had originated from Finbar O'Doherty.] 23rd July 2005
Catherine, McGrotty, Plans to build war memorial [in Derry], 21st Sept. 2005
November 02, 2004, Shunned volunteers now seen as heroes [review of Quinn’s pamphlet]
Tyrone's soldier poet is honoured, February 23, 2006 [Charlie Donnelly Winter school]
Ahern pays tribute to Spanish Civil War hero 19th May 2006
Plans for Belfast memorial for SCW dead July 19th, 2006
Irishman who fought to free world from fascism [Bob Doyle, ]April 11, 2007

Irish Political Review
Eoin O'Duffy - A Cautionary Tale: Eoin O'Duffy - A Self-Made Hero by Fearghal McGarry reviewed by Manus O'Riordan, May 2006.
Mick O'Riordan on Irish history and politics. A recently uncovered 1939 letter to New York brigadista Bill Gandall received its first publication in the July 2007 issue of IPR.

Irish Post
Brendan Moroney - Letters about the Spanish Civil war, 1979-85. This series starts on July 14, 1979
George Gilmore dies in Dublin at 87 29th June 1985
Brothers in Arms [Frank Deegan] August 30 1986
Brigade Salute September 6th 1986
Frank Deegan - Liverpool-Irish volunteer, October 29, 1988
Obituary notes for Joe Monks, 16th January 1988
Article on the Thetis submarine 01 June 89
Funeral Mass for 'Barcelona', 30th Oct. 1993
Faithful to the fallen. On Bob Doyle's experiences in the International Brigades. 16 October 1993.
Defending right to life [About Mrs Moroney, but details of BM], 13th May 2000
MI5 files show IRA chiefs in Nazi plot. 29 April 2000
General Eoin O'Duffy: Ireland's Answer to Mussolini by Niall Cunningham, 2nd March 2001

Irish Sword
Andreas Roth Gun running from Germany to Ireland in the early 1920. Winter 2000, Vol. XX11, p209-219

Irish Times
Bandera returns 22 June 1937
Funeral of Hermann Goertz, 27th May 1947. This is of interest as the funeral of this German spy was attended by Charles J McGuinness
SCW fighters recalled on Achill 8th September 1986, p8
Memories of war in the olive groves. Tom Coleman spoke to Moss Fennell, 30th April 1987.
An article about Michael O'Riordan and the SCW. This is then the inspiration for a letter by Eugene about Mattie Ryan being responsible for the machine gun exhibition during the visit by Nehru to Spain. [Check these dates, cc]
Eugene Downing Letter about Tony Fox 11 September 1992
Kevin Meyers Articles and letters on SCW. [Started this date, several letters responded.] 17 November 1994
Patsy McGarry Old soldier remembers young Cork docker. 09 February 1996
Letters to the Editor "TO SPEAK OF 98", July 1, 1996, [About Peter Daly] From MICHEAL O'RIORDAN
Paddy Woodworth. An Irishman's diary. Dublin Council of Trade Unions honour the International Brigades. 16 December 1996
Catherine Cleary. Mayor hosts reception for Spanish war veterans. A reception for the Brigadiers. 15 February 1997
Spanish Civil War Veteran, [McAllister] Sept. 29, 1997
Death of Veteran Irish Anti-Fascist 21st June 1999 -Death of Irishman who fought Franco – [O’Connor] By Joe Humphreys
O’MALLEY, Gerry, "Honouring Peter O’Connor", 21 June 1999.
A letter by Mick O'Riordan about Spanish refugees. In the later he details that Paddy Duff, (1914-1972) had been interned by the French in St. Cyprien Concentration camp after the war. Also gives some details of his later life. 21 September 1999
Obituary for Beatrice de Coucey Ireland. This obituary says, b1911, went 'to Barcelona with a medical team in support of the International Brigade, and she spoke at many rallies on her return home. Her paramedical training , mainly with the Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance, had stood her in good stead in Spain.' Listed among the non-combatants by me. 03 January 2000
Maurice Levitas dies in London By Padraig Yeates, February 17, 2001
Lifelong dedication to the fight against Fascism - MAURICE LEVITAS obituary, February 24, 2001
Series of letters and articles on SCW and Ireland, This series was sparked off by Brian Maye. Following weeks saw letters by Michael O'Riordan, Michael O'Brien (son of veteran), and several others. 19 November 2001
Remembering a father who joined the fight against fascism, December 4, 2001. [Gerry Doran]
Eugene Downing: Veteran who stayed true to ideals of Spanish war - August 9, 2003
Memorial honours Waterford men who fought fascism in Spain by Barry Roche, July 13, 2004
An Irishman's Diary, by Deaghlan de Breadun, 8th June 2005
Spanish Civil War victim remembered in his native Tipperary, [Kit Conway commemoration] 13th June 2005.
President receives veterans of the International Brigade October 17, 2005 John Downes
An Irishman's Diary - extract October 19, 2005, Kevin Myers [in response to Downes article
The International Brigade, Letters page Jack Jones, November 9, 2005 in reply to Meyers.
Irish communist and veteran of Spanish Civil War dies at 88 by Liam Reid,19th May 2006
Veteran communist dedicated to his cause, May 20, 2006, Pg. 14

Irish University Review
H Gustav Klaus. "The sore frailty of this lasting cause": some Celtic versions of Spanish Civil War poetry. Vol 21 (2) Autumn/Winter 1991, p268-284

Irish Worker's Voice
An anti-fascist dies. Dublin, 18 January 1988 Obituary for Joe Monks.

Journal of Contemporary History
Cronin, M., The Blueshirt Movement, 1932-5 : Ireland’s Fascists?, Vol. 30, Sage, London, 1995, p 311-332

Journal of Olympic History
Olympians and War The Boxing Parson: Killed in the Battle of Rio Jarama (and the OCI Ex-President, on the other side in Spain) [Hilliard and O’Duffy] By Seamus Ware, May 2002

Journal of the Ballingeary Historical Society
Manus O'Riordan The War Hero from Morley's Bridge [M Lehane] 1999

Journal of Contemporary History
Mike Cronin. The Blueshirt movement, 1932-5: Ireland's Fascists? Vol. 30 1995, p311-332.

Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society Journal
John Corcoran - 'Fighting the good fight' The Rev. Robert Martin Hilliard (1904-1937), 2006. [A longer version is available in Saothar, Vol. 31]

Kildare nationalist
On the death of Mick O'Riordan. , May 25th 2006.

Kilmaley parish magazine
Claremen in the Spanish Civil War By Peadar McNamara, [1997]

KSL, Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library
A rebel in Barcelona: Jack White's first Spanish impressions
KSL No 14, March 1998. The KSL is the Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library, an anarchist library. You can contact them at KSL, BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX

La Irish language daily
Iar-throdaí Briogáide Idirnáisiúnta básaithe le Dónall Mac Giolla Chóill, 19 05 2006

Labour History News a magazine of the Irish labour History Society
Peter Payne. David and Goliath. Barcelona's homage to the International Brigades. Irish delegation to Barcelona for the unveiling of a memorial to the International Brigadiers. No. 5 Autumn 1989 p12.
Captain Jack White in Donegal This extract is from an article in issue No. 8, Autumn 1992, by Anton McCabe.

Left Review
Connolly and Casement by Charles Donnelly and AJAX, Vol. 2 No 7, April 1936
"We shall miss Charles Donnelly" - An appreciation by Montague Slater, 1937

Limerick Christmas Chronicle
Fighting for Franco by DES RYAN, [about Wm McCormack, Bandera volunteer.] 1995

Limerick Christmas Gazette
Des Ryan Limerick republicans and the Spanish Civil War December 2001

Limerick Leader
Freed by Franco 27 October 1938
Spanish Civil War Revelations, Denis O'Shaughnessy, 10 June 1995 [aka B Fitzgerald - Bandera]

Lisburn Historical Society journal
The effects of the SCW on Ireland, by Ken Armstrong, 2005

Londonderry Sentinel
Letter by C Crossey asking for information, 6th Sept. 2000

Look Left
Number 2, Nov-Dec. 2006, Mickey McCorry in this Workers’ Party magazine. The late Paddy McAllister – IRA volunteer, veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and member of the Workers’ Party

Lurgan Mail
Obituary for "Warrant Office Jas. P Haughey, R C A F", Sept. 18th 1943.

The Mirror
Calton to Catalonia Volunteer Dies, April 12, 2007, Scots Edition, by Ron Moore [James Maley]

Monageer Millennium Journal
From Monageer to Spain – the story of Peter Daly By James Somers, 2000

Morning Star
Book: Connolly Column by Michael O'Riordan John Corcoran reviewed it April 26, 2005
Obituary: Eugene McCartan pays tribute to commited socialist Michael O'Riordan 1917-2006 - May 19, 2006
Irish left says last farewell to working-class champion - May 23, 2006
Marking the Brigades, Ann Douglas on Belfast SCW commemorations, October 16, 2007

New Hibernia
Northern people who fought [Patsy McAllister] by John Hunter, Vol. 3 No 7, July August 1986
'A vicious unequal fight' by Michael O'Riordan in New Hibernia, Vol. 3 No. 7 July-August 1986
"Fascism never entered the pic" about Bandera soldier Matt J Doolan, Vol. 3, No. 7, July-August 1986

New Statesman
George Bennett Portrait of a killer 24 March 1961, p471-2. [Nathan - a British vol. but he plays a key part in the history of the Irish in Spain.]

New Ulster
Paul Abraham Midgley, Roman Catholicism and Spain, 1936. Winter 1986

New Worker
Frank West [An article on SCW] 17 May 1996
Obituary for Maurice Levitas, 24 Feb. 2001
Belfast celebrates International Brigades - 26/10/2007 - by Dolly Shaer

New York Irish History
Identities in Conflict: New York Irish-Catholics' Response to the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39, Julie K Wood, Vol. 7 1992-3 [not directly relevant, useful background.]

New York Times
Tells of Exploits as Rebel Deserter 4th April 1937 [H McDaniel, deserter from Bandera]

Obituary Capt. J R White, DSO 04 February 1946
David Young, Memorial Planned, 3 Sept. 2005
Report on the IBCC plans for a memorial. September 3, 2005.
Brigadistas veteran, 91, to honour comrades, August 31st 2006, On the planned Belfast plaque unveilng and book launch.

News of the World
Fierce Rebel without a pause [F Ryan] November 28, 2004, Danny Conlon
Hero who died on the last day of war [Nalty] - Danny Conlon August 7, 2005

Northern People
Spanish Civil War veteran dies [P McAllister] Workers' Party paper, 1997, Vol. 22, No. 5

North Belfast News
Appeal for information on SCW, 30 Sept. 2000
Spanish Civil War - the untold misery. 20 October 2001

Nuestro Combate
A life for every line we laid, Pat Reade [sic], [No 24, about Sept 1937]. He was a transmissions soldier and an Irish anarchist in SCW.

Old Limerick Journal
Des Ryan and Barrie Wharton 2001, Vol. 35 The Last Crusade: Limerick's role in the Spanish Civil War

Our Fight - Front line organ of the XVth Brigade
A one page extract from this newsletter - mentions pat Murphy and Jim Larmour. 4 Sept. 1938

Pembrokeshire Life Magazine
VOLUNTEERS FOR LIBERTY - The role of two West Wales men in the Spanish Civil War 1936-39, July edition 2006. this article ends any discussion that Arthur Thomas Morris is Irish, as he frequently has been listed!!

An Phoblacht/Republican News
Ruairi O'Bradaigh Oration commemorating the reburial of Frank Ryan, 30 June 1979
Ciaran Dowd. Review of Connolly Column. P7 14 June 1980
A veteran remembers 11 September 1986
Quince Brigada 11 September 1986
P O’Rourke, ‘Remembering the Past: Peadar O’Donnell in 16 May 1996, p17
Ireland must be anti-racist Mick O’Riordan interviewed on 16th April 1998
Memorial to Kit Conway unveiled By John Corcoran,25th June 2005
Fograí Bhais - Michael O'Riordan - 26 May, 2006

Railway Review
Jim Prendergast When I met Will on the Battlefield 13 December 1968

Record (ATGWU paper)
The shop steward who led the Major Attlee Company. February 1982 [on Paddy O'Daire]

The Boxing Parson [Hilliard]By Stephen Hilliard, Spring Magazine 1988 [A Church of Ireland magazine.]

San Francisco Chronicle
Obituaries for Bill Bailey [He'd died February 27th. 2 obituaries in March.]

John Donovan obituary, April 1989.
Republican Sinn Fein Ailtiri na h-Aiseiri 1997. Of interest because Maurice Cadell and S O Cuinnegain, 2 bandera members were also members of this group.

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Francis Devine - Obituary for Michael O'Riordan, Vol. 31, 2006, p5-8.
Fearghal McGarry reviews Brigadista by Bob Doyle, Vol. 31, 2006, p103-4

The Scotsman
Obituary: James Maley - April 16, 2007, by Jim Gilchrist

Scottish Labour History Review
From Calton to Catalonia. No. 5 Winter 1991/Spring 1992 [On James Maley]

Shankill Mirror
Spanish Civil war plea, April 2005

Socialist View
Ciaran Crossey “Spanish Civil War, New research on the Irish who fought for and against Franco”, pp. 23-24, October 2003.

Socialist Voice [CPI paper]
Reviews of J Quinn's pamphlet and the Waterford commemorative booklet. January 2005.

South Belfast Post
A report, August 2006, on the recent trip to Spain by a number of relatives and others.

Spain Today
There’s a Valley in Spain by George Leeson, February 1947, p3-5

Star Tribune
Spanish Civil War vet dies at 89 by Peg Meier, December 1, 2004 , in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. [Clarence Forester]

Starry Plough
Review: "Connolly Column" Aibrean/April 1980

Strabane Chronicle
Family search trace leads for North Tyrone to battlefields of Madrid..., 23 Dec. 2004. [Jim Hyndman.]

Studia Hibernica
J Bowyer Bell. Ireland and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Vol. 9, p137-163

Series of pieces, 1936-8

Sunday Business Post
In Green and Red: The Lives of Frank Ryan, by Adrian Hoar, reviewed by David O'Donoghue, Frank Ryan's Final Years still intrigue. December 5, 2004

Sunday Independent
TP Kilfeather Spanish Inferno - a series of articles 15 May 1960 - 03 July 1960
Last rites for my first audience, Dermot Bolger. He talks about Sheila Goold-Verschoyle, a friend, and in this he mentions Brian G-V disappearing in Spain. 3 Sept. 2000
A Dictator of dressing up:- Eoin O'Duffy: A Self-Made Hero written by Fearghal McGarry, and reviewed by Dermot Bolger November 27, 2005
Obituary - MICHAEL O'RIORDAN May 21, 2006

Sunday Journal
The North West and the Spanish Civil War April-May 2006. Series of articles by Emmet O'Connor on the volunteers from Derry, Donegal and Tyrone.

Sunday Life
Ireland's Spanish War by Leo McAskey. A piece in the Sunday Life about the SCW. 15 October 2000

Sunday Mirror
Bob [Doyle], 93, in war tribute - February 11, 2007

Sunday Press
Milne in Dublin, 29 May 1983. A small article about a visit by Milne to Dublin on his 80th birthday to promote a new book of poetry. It mentions Frank Ryan and Milne's role as a courier of medical supplies.

Sunday Times [CHECK, cc, 6/2/8]
The last days of Lieutenant Jakov Stalin by Colin Simpson and John Shirley, 24th Jan. 1980 – relevant to Red Cushing, someone who claims (dubiously, cc) to have been in Spain.
Band of brothers: Seventy years ago, these British volunteers risked their lives to fight fascism. Why has their heroism been overlooked until now? Chris Haslam, October 21, 2007
Sourced at -

Sunday Tribune
Gallagher, P., Homage to Heroes, The Tribune Magazine, , Dublin, 25 February 1996, p 6-8
John BURKE, “Irish memoir of the war against Franco”, 8 December 2002.

Sunday Press
Milne in Dublin 29 May 1983

Articles about William O'Hanlon and Victor Barr. 19 and 21 Dec 1939, 16 July 1940 p2.
Fighter Pilot, poem by Jim Haughey, 31 October 1943.
Ewart Milne, obituary 17 January 1987, p22

Tipperary Historical Journal
Pa Lonergan Tipperarymen in Spain (1936-1939) 2001

Andrew Boyd Labour's outpost in Ireland 03 July 1959

The Tuam Herald
Robert Stradling Article on SCW. [1990's]

Ulster Gazette
£43,772 for Spain 6 February 1937
Cardinal on Spain Cardinal MacRory 26 June 1937

Ulster Herald
Obsequies of Rev. C O'Daly, PP, Kilskeery 22 September 1962

Ulster Tatler
Ewart Milne Gun Runner An incident in the Spanish Civil War May 1982

Frank Ryan, 2 articles on F Ryan, from this issue and the following one, 25 August 1973 and 1/9/73.
Death of Hugh Hunter 20 May 1972
Vindication of the Brigadistas. About the 60th Anniversary trip back to Spain. 07 December 1996
60th anniversary of the Spanish civil war. About a Belfast public meeting on the SCW. 14 December 1996
“Salute to Peter O’Connor”, 26 June 1999.
“Tribute to Peter O’Connor”, 3 July 1999.
Article on the IBCC and a fundraiser - the German choir, 13th Aug 2005
International Women's Day - Taking International Solidarity to its Heights Spain 1936-1939, March 2006

Universe [Catholic Church paper]
Franco's Pilot, 5th March 1937. About Winterbottom, a pilot for Franco.

Village, Ireland's current affairs weekly
The revolution starts now ‘Brigadista’ reviewed by Michael McCaughan, September 21, 2006

The Volunteer
Obituary - Charles O'Flaherty - Spanish Civil War veteran. November 1984
Obituary - Frank Edwards - Spanish Civil War veteran. November 1984
Syd Harris Information on Pat O'Boyle Vol. 13, No. 2 1991
A drama inspired by the Irish Brigaders. This article is abridged from the Irish Times, January 3, 1994. By Francine Cunningham - Carried in The Volunteer, paper of the ALBA, Vol. XV1,No2, Fall 1994.
Bill Bailey (1911-1995), Vol. XVII, No. 1, Spring 1995
David Smith Letter in The Volunteer about Anniversary trip to Spain. 1996
Dublin: Obituary for Paul Burns by Peter O'Connor and Michael O'Riordan, in Vol. XIX, No. 1, Winter, 1996-7
Paul Burns- obituary by Harry Fisher Vol. XIX, No. 1, Winter 1996-97
Fighting Oppression, by DJ Tice. [An article about Clarence Forester, an American of Finnish - Irish background. (Ireland is not mentioned in this article.)] 24 August 1997
England applauds Milton Wolff 2000
Manus O'Riordan Book Review: RA Stradling, The Irish and the Spanish Civil War 2000
Manus O'Riordan Book Review: The Irish and the Spanish Civil War: Crusades in Conflict 2000
Cary Nelson Book Review: JK Hopkins, Into the Heart of the Fire: The British in the Spanish Civil War. 2000
My Experiences with the Irish Section of the Lincolns Volunteers, Vol. XXIII, No.3, Sept. 2001, By David Smith
Ireland: Monuments to the Connolly Column [no date]

Volunteer for Liberty
Peter Kerrigan The First British Company December 1936 - January 1937
Q C Irish Volunteers in Spain Vol. 1 No. 23 15 November 1937
James Straney What are the duties of a cabo? Vol. 2 No. 28 06 August 1938
News from the Front Our campaign carries on June 1940

The War in Spain
Review of Crusade in Spain, 20 August 1938.

Waterford News & Star
16th July 2004 - City salutes its Spanish Civil War heroes

Weekly Bulletin of Information, Valencia.
A three page extract which carries a letter by 11 Irishmen in the Lincoln Batt. The letter was in commemoration of Arthur Morris, a Canadian vol. who was in the CPC 28 June 1937

Weston Mercury and Somerset Herald
June 12, 1937 - Westonian Killed in Spanish War Mr A L Doran Dies in Defence of Madrid
Andrew L Doran - letter in the Weston and Somerset Mercury. Appeal by CC for information. 2005

Wexford Echo
For Franco in Spain, by Billy Quirke, [December 1988] [Ned Murphy and Luke O'Rourke]

Workers World
Irish leader dies, Michéal "Mick" O’Riordan funeral, May 25, 2006

Workers' Republic
Ben Murray: An Appreciation by W.H.McCullough, May 1938
Roll of Honour May 1938
Charlie Donnelly: An Appreciation by Frank Ryan July 1938

Workers' Voice
A brief mention (30/3/35) of Ben Murray selling loads of the paper. There was an informal competition going on as to sales. The 26/1/35 edition has him speaking on behalf of the Irish Labour Defence Customs House meeting, 9/1/35. Murray is also mentioned in 6/4/35 edition.

World War 2 [History magazine]
Joe Boyd's battle for peace, by Liz Shaw. 1st Jan 2006

Unknown Journals

Bert Briller Wounded by Nazis in Spain, Joe wants to hit back hard 1942
How Joe Boyd, from Tyrone, went to Spain in '36 and survived to tell a bloody tale. ByMichael McDowell, July 1976
Kevin J Browne A letter from Brendan Moroney 21 December 1979
Donovan, Kate The Irish socialist whose dream ended in the gulag. [Article based on research by Barry McLaughlin, on the death of Paddy Breslin, an Irish communist who died in the gulag.]
Des Ryan Who shot the mayors?
To Our Comrades 1937
Z A Voice from Spain


Thesis, dissertations

A History of the Northern Ireland Labour Party, 1891-1949 (extract). By John Fitzsimons Harbinson, B.Com.Sc. Pages 88-94, a Thesis at Queens University Belfast, 1966. [Concerning Harry Midgley]
Communism in Modern Ireland (extract on SCW) By Mike Milotte, pp378-390, a thesis at Queens University Belfast, 1977.
The Spanish Civil War and its impact on Ireland, the decline of Labour politics. Extract from this MA dissertation by Kenneth S Armstrong, which he wrote in the New University of Ulster, School of Humanities, 1984.
Irish Aspects of the Spanish Civil War By Doiminic Bell 1998, University of Ulster B.A. (Hons.) Modern Studies in the Humanities.
"You fight your own wars. Irish defence of the Spanish Republic at war. 1936-1939." Ms Aude Duche, Univeriste de Haute Bretagne, that's in Rennes, France, Masters thesis, 2004.
David Convery, Cork and the Spanish Civil War, University College Cork, 2006.

Online material

Frank Ryan and Pat Read - Images of Spanish Civil War volunteers now on line

"anarchaeologist" wrote a piece on Indymedia Ireland, so read that article here. Visit that site ( to read any further comments. Added 12th Feb. 2008

REV. R.M. Hilliard and Trinity Hurlers by Donal McAnallen. Copyright is his. Taken from

Book Review: Brigadista - an Irishman's fight against fascism. Reviewed on the Irish Socialist Network site

Spanish Civil War veterans meet again from the BBC, 20th July 2004

Spanish Civil War veterans look back
A documentary, "In the Fields of Spain", is on BBC Radio Ulster on Saturday 18 March 2006 at 1130 GMT and Sunday 19 March 1430 GMT.
taken from

The Loss of Dunvegan Castle to U46, 27 August 1940 by © Steve Brew, 2003
[This article is online because one of the Irish volunteers in Spain, David Joseph Ryan, of Limerick, was killed when it sank. DJ Ryan, CC, 21st March 2006]

Irish role in Spanish war marked
This report was carried on the BBC website, 15th October 2007.

Waterford Today online accessed, 28/5/6 Death of International Brigader Mick O’Riordan in Dublin

RTE: - Spanish Civil War veteran dies at 88, 18 May 2006
18 May 2006

Other material

R Higgins. Fighting for a Republic: the response of the Irish press to the Spanish Civil War. [unpublished proof copy held by the Linen Hall Library]
Commemorative Address by Manus O'Riordan, IBMT at the Castell de Sant Ferran, Figueres, Catalunya Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006 at the International Brigades 70th Anniversary Commemorative Crossing of the Pyrennes.
Extracts from the Memoirs of Eoin MacNamee He was a republican activist, including a period in London during the 1930's. A copy of these memoirs is held in the NI Political Collection, Linen Hall Library, Belfast.