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Labour Movement Responses to the SCW . The Material from Newry Labour Party is detailed in the section of this site called, Labour Movement Responses.

Seamus MacCall "The Time I didn’t Broadcast"
Hand-written note, published IP Sept. 1952 [Irish Press]

He was asked by the Dept. of External Affairs to work for the International Commission for Non Intervention.

At his point on the French-Spanish border only 3 members of the ICNI staff had any knowledge of Spanish.

He was in the Le Perthus, on a main road, in a multi-lingual force. (See above). He was there 2 years.

Witnessed "a flight of Franco's German bombers come swooping down on a field which was crowded with refugees waiting for permission to cross into France, then the indescribable scene immediately following... and then the procession of improvised stretchers, with blood-stained blankets over un-dressed wounds, and women and children tottering mutely beside them".

in the papers of Sean Cunningham

Commemorative List
"Irish Brigade Crusade Against Communism" en route for Spain.

  • General Eoin O’Duffy, Officer Commanding
  • Major P.Dalton, Dublin
  • Capt. T.Hyde, Midleton, Co. Cork
  • Cap. P Quinn, Gowran House, Co. Kilkenny
  • Commandant Sean Cunningham, Belfast
  • T.F.Smith, M.I.B.E., Dublin
  • D.J.Kelly, Roscommon
  • T.P.Gunning, Dublin

Left Ireland 20/11/36, Liverpool 21/11/36 by S.S."Avoceta"

[Inside the brochure are 2 pages with lists of names]


  • FL Castin
  • TV Casserley
  • SP Clarke
  • L Dunne
  • T Jolly, Blackrock
  • W Levey
  • James McKenna
  • R Butler, Blackrock
  • J Moran, Shrule, Co Mayo
  • E Murphy, Roundwood, Co Wicklow
  • H Murphy
  • R Murphy
  • IV O’Neil
  • S Pidgeon
  • GB Timlin
  • W Weynes
  • Carlow -Kilkenny
  • B Fitzsimons, TC, Carlow
  • JC Dunphy
  • P Dunny
  • Prof. J Cunningham, Knockbeg College
  • T Hudson, Newmarket
  • M Flannagan, Kilkenny
  • M Kelly, St. Mullans


  • Brendan Kielty, Greencastle
  • John Cleary
  • Patrick Ward
  • Joseph McKenna


  • M Cagney, South Mall
  • J Twomey, Turner’s Cross
  • T O’Riordan, Midleton

West of Ireland

  • T Burbage, Longford
  • J Hughes, Longford
  • Joseph G Dowdall, O.P., Copro Santo, Lisbon

[So in this brochure there are 8 officers, 33 men and a priest who was based in Portugal]

is a brief piece from the Irish News, 11/3/63, on the death of Sean Cunningham.

" He joined Gen. O’Duffy’s Brigade that went to Spain in 1936 to fight with Gen. Franco’s forces, serving as a Capt. in charge of a heavy machine gun company and being personally complimented by Gen. Franco on one occasion."

Minutes of the Newry Labour Party, 29/6/37 to 30/6/38. These minutes are very brief and serve to illustrate how the established Labour organisations did not build support for the Spanish republican cause.