University research on Ireland and the SCW

Updated: 17th June 2011 - fixing broken links

I was recently sent a couple of these university thesis/dissertations concerned with Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil War. I thought it might be useful to bring them together as examples of good work by researchers. If anyone out there knows of other relevant studies, either full length or relevant extracts, I'd be interested in adding them to the site. Ciaran, March 5th.

A History of the Northern Ireland Labour Party, 1891-1949 (extract)

By John Fitzsimons Harbinson, B.Com.Sc. Pages 88-94, a Thesis at Queens University Belfast, 1966. [Concerning Harry Midgley]

Communism in Modern Ireland (extract on SCW)

By Mike Milotte, pp378-390, a thesis at Queens University Belfast, 1977.

The Spanish Civil War and its impact on Ireland, the decline of Labour politics

Extract from this MA dissertation by Kenneth S Armstrong, which he wrote in the New University of Ulster, School of Humanities, 1984. I have not edited or changed any part of this chapter. Readers should remember that this was one of the earlier studies of the Irish in Spain, so some of his figures, etc. differ from recent estimates. It is still an interesting article, giving some insights into why volunters went out. Ciaran Crossey, 16th March 2007.

Irish Aspects of the Spanish Civil War

Doiminic Bell 1998, University of Ulster B.A. (Hons.) Modern Studies in the Humanities

"You fight your own wars. Irish defence of the Spanish Republic at war. 1936-1939."

Ms Aude Duche, Univeriste de Haute Bretagne, that's in Rennes, France, Masters thesis, 2004.

Cork and the Spanish Civil War

David Convery, University College Cork, 2006

If you know of more, pleae let me know, Ciaran Crossey, 17th June 2011.