Short poem about Blue Barry a Dublin-Australian volunteer

This was sent to me by Amirah Inglis, an author who has written on Australians in the SCW.

I "uncovered the following poem written in 1937 by Len Fox who was secretary of the Spanish Relief Committee in Melbourne and with Nettie Palmer wrote Australians in Spain (1938). He is still alive [2001] and was on the committee which was responsible for creating our memorial."

Somewhere in Spain

Barry is dead. we clench our fists who know
He died for freedom on the fields of Spain.
His grave among those ancient hills will show
Eureka's spirit lives and burns again.

Barry is second from the right in this photo.

One of the first Irish into Spain, 47 year old Jack (Blue) Barry was a sailor and a member of the Communist Party. Although born in Dublin he had lived in Melbourne, Australia and it was from there that he travelled to Spain, arriving August 1936. He was initially in the Tom Mann Centuria in Barcelona during September. He transferred to the English Section, Commune de Paris, Batt. X1, Int. Brigade, Madrid Sector, Nov-Dec. 1936. There is some confusion over this units name as it is thought that it was actually called the Doumont Battalion after it's commanding officer.

Barry was killed at Boadilla del Monte in December 1936. So he was one of the first Irish Diaspora to arrive, and die, in Spain.

He had been mistakenly listed as dead by the Daily Worker on September 16th, with a subsequent correction.

Also Known As Jack Sampson.

Born 23rd Aug 1889 - Died, December 1936.