Updated: Feb. 18th 2009

Charlie Donnelly - Irish veteran

A collection of articles, etc.

I've collected a series of articles about the volunteers for Spain, including several by or about Tyrone volunteer Charles (Charlie) Donnelly.

The Collection overall has been expanding and so I've decided that it will be easier to find the assorted articles if I combine them, so here we are.

If anyone has details of book reviews, other interviews, etc, please get in touch and I'll add them here.

Ciaran Crossey,
July 13th 2007
Donnelly's star still burns bright. An article from the Irish Times, 9th Feb. 2008, giving details of a forthcoming lecture by Gerry Dawe and annoucing the erection of a plaque in UCD on Feb. 26th. Added Feb. 12th 2008
Charlie Donnelly Commemoration . - Copyright of these photos by Labour Youth Feb. 2008 Added Feb. 2009
Gerald Dawe, Proper word: collected criticism - Ireland, poetry, politics, [Chapter "Heroic Heart Charlie Donnelly", p159-172], Omaha,USA; Creighton University, 2007 This note was added Feb. 20th 2008, you need to get the book through a shop or library!
Connolly and Casement. An article from Left Review, 1935, explaining the politics of Casement and Connolly. Added Dec. 2007
Portrait of a Revolution. An interview with a German emigre in Left Review, Vol. 2 No. 1 October 1935
International Press Correspondence. Three articles from 1935-6 by CD on Irish political developments. IPC was the journal of the Comintern, the international movement led by the Communist Parties.
Tyrone's soldier poet is honoured , An Irish News piece about Donnelly and the annual Donnelly Winter School in Coalislands
"We shall miss Charles Donnelly" - An appreciation by Montague Slater and a note by F Ryan from 1937-8.


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