Updated: 27th October 2007

Eugene Downing - a collection of 16 articles, photos, etc.

Latest addition

2 short letters by Eugene Downing to the Irish Times. The one on religion just shows his sense of humour, the other is a reminder of his attention to detail. CC, 27th October 2007.

I've collected a series of articles about the volunteers for Spain, including numerous by or about Eugene Downing. This includes the transcript of an interview I did with him, and numerous funny articles written by him.

I've decided that it will be easier to find the assorted articles if I combine them, so here we are.

If anyone has details of book reviews, other interviews, etc, please get in touch and I'll add them here.

Ciaran Crossey,
Updated initially on October 6th 2006.

About his time in Spain
Assorted Labour History pieces
Obituaries, etc.
Television Programme

His Spanish experiences

The Plaque on the Wall - about a visit back to his hospital.
International Brigade volunteers and the Ebro
Political Funerals - Tony Fox's death in Spain and the Catholc Church
How I took charge during the Spanish Civil War
Letters from Josefina - memories of Spain.
A visit from Nehru, a letter in the Irish Times 12th February 1985. This gives a couple of details, specifically a mention of Maurice Ryan.

Labour History - inc. some Spanish references

Paddy O’Daire and the Thetis Experiment: Setting the record straight,Letter to Saothar, journal of the Irish labour History Society, 18, 1993, with 2 replies.
On Dublin street politics in the 1930s, mentions Gerry Doran and Kevin Blake.
Frank Ryan, From the paper of the Connolly Association, 1941.
The Siege of Connolly House
The Irish in the Lenin School, Letter to Saothar, 1998 (vol. 23), mentions McGregor, etc.
Street Journalism
Eugene Downing, interview transcript from Sept. 24th 2000
Catholic Church And Sex Abuse, a letter to the Irish Times, April 18, 2002.
Photograph Of Spanish War, a letter to the Irish Times, 30 July 2002.


The Irish Times: August 9, 2003, Eugene Downing: Veteran who stayed true to ideals of Spanish war
Eugene Downing in Saothar, journal of the Irish Labour History Society, No.28, 2003 Manus O'Riordan
Eugene Downing [1913-2003], by Manus O'Riordan
Obituary: Eugene Downing, by Oisín Breatnach , Thursday, Jul 31 2003

Television Programme

Here's part 1 and the second part is here.


Eugene looking dapper From 1939
His funeral