Updated: May 31st 2007

Thomas Patten - Irish veteran

Some articles about him.

I've collected a series of articles about the volunteers for Spain, including these four about Thomas Patten and the Achill memorial.

The overall site has been expanding and so I've decided that it will be easier to find the assorted articles on individual volunteers if I combined them, so here we are.

If anyone has details of articles, other interviews, photos, etc, please get in touch and I'll add them here.

Ciaran Crossey,
May 31st 2007.

Press articles about him and the memorial in Achill

Monument to Tom Patton. From the Irish Democrat, September 1984
Vindication! From the Irish Democrat, Nov. 1984
SCW fighters recalled on Achill From the Irish Times, 8th September 1986, p8
Brigade Salute From the Irish Post, September 6th 1986


Photos WILL be added soon, CC May 27th 2007