A visit from Nehru

Letter in the Irish Times 12th February 1985


With reference to Eileen O’Brien’s interview with Michael O’Riordan (An Irishwoman’s Diary, February 4th ), could I be allowed to make a small correction?

In referring to Pandit Nehru’s visit to the Battalion in Spain in 1938 he mentions that Paddy O’Sullivan demonstrated his skill with a machine gun.

Paddy O’Sullivan was one of the best officers that the Brigade ever produced, but he wasn’t a machine-gunner.

At first a Spanish crew was given the job but unfortunately were so overawed by the occasion that they failed to impress. The gun was taken over by Maurice Ryan of Limerick, the best machine-gunner in the Battalion, and a very difficult person to overawe, I may say.

His display certainly made an impression, especially on the trees on the other side of the valley.

I can hear someone saying, who cares who it was? Does it matter? Maybe not?

Yours etc.

Eugene Downing

55 Upper Leeson Street

Dublin 4.

This letter is interesting because Eugene is doing a couple of things with this small letter. He is correcting a mistake in an earlier report about who carried out the display.

The other thing he is doing is bringing, for the first time as far as I know, Maurice Ryan to the public’s attention. Eugene knew what had happened to Ryan. In 1938 he’d been executed by the International Brigade because Ryan had been drunk in charge of a machine gun, firing upon and wounding several soldiers. In the publicly available material up to this point, he’d only been listed as having been killed in Spain, with no further explanation. Ryan was, to the best of my knowledge, the only Irish member of the IB to be executed by the Republicans.

For some more information, go to the report of an interview with Eugene, carried out in September 2000, where he gives more details about Ryan along with a wealth of other material.

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Would anyone who knows of further articles by Eugene please get in touch.

Ciaran Crossey, Belfast, 6th August 2003.