A list of the Irish on the Republican side in the SCW, F-K


Corrected, JAnuary 16th 2008, C Crossey

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Falconer William M   Belfast   Carmody
Finnegan John 180309 Lincoln   SA
Flanagan Andrew   Roscommon   MO
Flanagan Terry   Dublin   MO, OB
Flynn Jack   Derry   FMcG, Carmody
Foley Jim   Dublin d. 1236 MO
Forcell James 040704 Dublin   SA
Fox Tony   Dublin d. 1236 MO
Fox WH   Dublin d. 0737 MO
Fulton Willie   Belfast   FMcG
Gilbert Tony     captured 0338 IT
Glacken Paddy   Donegal d. 0138, Turuel MO
Goff Sean   Dublin w.1236 MO, NM
Gorman George   Derry d. 0738, Ebro MO
Gould-Verschoyle Brian     radio operator FMcG
Green George     d.0938 Stradling
Green Dublin     d. ? IB
Green Leo   Dublin d. 1236 MO
Hall P   Co. Down   Carmody
Hamill Pat   Knappagh, Co Cavan/New York   FMcG
Haughey James   Lurgan   MO, IB
Haydock PC   New York   POR
Hayes T   Dublin   MO
Heeney Tom 1920 Galway   MO, SA
Henry Bill   Belfast d. 0237 MO
Hepburn Robert       FMcG
Hillen James   Belfast w. 1236 MO, NM
Hilliard Robert M   Killarney d. 0237 MO, BA
Holden Dennis   Carlow   MO
Hourihan Marty   Irish-American   Stradling
Hunt John   Waterford   MO
Hunter Hugh   Belfast   MO
Johnstone John   Belfast via London Carmody
Jones Jack   Waterford d. 0738, Ebro MO
Keenan Patrick   Dublin   MO, IA
Keller Fred   Irish-American   Carroll
Kelly Chris     w.0238 SA, IB
Kelly J   Toronto   POR
Kelly J   Roscommon d. 0737 MO
Kelly John   Waterford   MO
Kelly Michael   Ballinasloe d. 0737 MO, SC
Kennedy David 300315 Ballycastle   SA
Kenny Steve   Belfast   MO
Kerr Thomas   Belfast d. 0838, Ebro MO
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