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Mick O'Riordan (12th Nov. 1917 - 18th May 2006)

Latest addition - an interview with Mick, 2005

Fragments from the last Interview, Dublin, Nov 9th, 2005

I found this interview on Indymedia Ireland, and despite several attempts to find the authors, someone called Ramor with a Danish journalist Erik Pedersen, I've been unable to contact them. I would hope that they are happy enough that the interview gets some coverage among interested people. If anyone knows the authors, would you please give me contact details. Read it here.

Ciaran Crossey, Belfast, Dec. 8th 2008

Collection of articles, etc.

Cover of the memorial booklet.

This is a rough version of the booklet on the site, the proper thing will be added in the next few days. In the meantime you can access the contents here.


Mick O'Riordan (12th Nov. 1917 - 18th May 2006)

Sadly Mick O'Riordan, one of the last survivors of the International Brigade from Ireland died on Thursday 18th May. The well attended funeral was held to Glasnevin cemetary, Dublin on Sat. 20th.

Among those who spoke at the funeral service were Manus O'Riordan and other members of the immediate family. As this was primarliy a family service other comments were limited to remarks by Pauline Frazer representing the International Brigades Memorial Turst, a message from Jack Jones, and points by Eugene McCartan, present Secretary of the CPI.

Ebro ceremony for Mick O’Riordan’s ashes

A song based on part of the melody of Catalunya’s national hymn, Santa Espina, with words based on the March 1940 poem of the same name by the French Communist poet Louis Aragon. Arranged and sung by Manus O’Riordan on the occasion of the scattering of the ashes of his father – Irish International Brigader Micheál O’Riordan [1917-2006] – in the river Ebro, close to Ascó, Catalunya, by all of the members of Micheál’s family, on 12 May 2007. Read the words of this song.

Some photos of the funeral procession are available on the site Gallery.

While proper obituaries will follow it should be noted that not just was Mick the main historian of the Irish volunteers he was a life long fighter for the Irish working class.

Salud Mick!

Ciaran Crossey,
October 6th 2006.

Funeral service of, and tributes to, the Irish brigadista Michael O'Riordan (1917-2006)

I couldn't see a date for this interesting piece. Added 30th Dec. 2007

Death and Funeral

This extended email/article by Manus O'Riordan reflects on his fathers death and the funeral service. He also draws attention to a number of other tributes, etc.Read it here.
Press Release by the International Brigades Commemoration Committee
Report of the Tribute Night held for Mick in Belfast His family passed the door receipts onto the IBCC, thanks.

Obituary Notes

Memories of a veteran communist, Kildare Nationalist, Thursday, May 25, 2006
In Ómós Uí Riordáin in La, 19 Meitheamh 2006 [19 June]
Irish Democrat, June/July 2006 - 2 related articles.
  • O’Riordan obituary - Waterford Today reports.
  • O’Riordan obituary - Workers World (USA)25th May 2006 , 26/05/2006
    O’Riordan obituary - Eoin O'Murchu in An Phoblact, 26/05/2006
    O’Riordan admirers - Tommy McKearney writing in Daily Ireland, 23/05/2006
    CPI on Mick O'Riordan - a biographical note.
    Mick O'Riordan - A funeral tribute by Eugene McCartan
    Sunday Independent, May 22st
    Irish Times, May 20th
    Eugene McCartan in the Morning Star, May 19th
    Eugene McCartan of the CPI in Daily Ireland, 19th May
    Irish Independent, 19th May
    Irish News, 19th May
    Irish Times, 19th May
    La, 19th May
    Irish Examiner, [a very short note] 19th May
    Daily Ireland , a short piece 19th May
    RTE, 18th May

    Interviews and other articles

    Untouched by the Tiger [Mick O’Riordan] Irish Times, April 15, 1999.
    Anti Fascist Action interview with Mick O'Riordan.
    A 2001 interview of Mick by Ciaran Crossey and J Quinn.
    Morning Star report, May 23rd, of Micks funeral.
    Speech at the unveiling of the Kit Conway Memorial, 2005
    His address at the launch of a new expanded edition of his classic history, the Connolly Column, Liberty Hall, 2005.
    Address to the 2001 Irish Labour Party National Conference, City Hall, Cork
    Mick's speech to the First International Forum on the International Brigades, Getafe, Spain, November 12-14, 1999
    Ireland must be anti-racist from An Phoblacht, 16th April 1998
    The Irish Times, February 9, 1996, Mick O'Riordan article titled "Old soldier remembers young Cork docker who sailed to Spain to fight for democracy"
    Statement with Peter O'Connor on the film, Land and Freedom
    Added, Sept. 6th 2007 TO SPEAK OF 98 [about Peter Daly], Letter to the Editor, The Irish Times, July 1, 1996
    'A vicious unequal fight' - Michael O'Riordan in New Hibernia, Vol. 3 No. 7 July-August 1986


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