Two reports on the death of David Pritchard
Newtownwards via Canada

Ardsmanís Death Abroad
Believed killed in Spanish War.

Newtownards Chronicle, 19th August 1939, p5.

A letter received by Mrs Pritchard of 57 South Street, Newtownards, from a Mr Victor Beech, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, conveys to her the said tidings of the death of her second son, Mr David Pritchard. But the information received is very meagre, and naturally Mrs Pritchard is very anxious to get fuller details.

Her son, who was about 33 years of age, went to Canada in July 1928, and every week from that time to March 1938 he wrote to his mother with the greatest regularity. The last letter received from him in that month, over a year ago, contained a request for some underwear, Mr Pritchard stating that he had volunteered for service with the International Brigade in the Spanish War.

From that time onwards there was no trace of his whereabouts, and early this year two letters that were sent by Mrs Pritchard to here son were returned, as no trace could be found of the person to whom they were intended.

But on Thursday of this week Mrs Pritchard received from Mr. Beech her sonís clothing and personal belongings, and later on she got a letter from the same source conveying to her his sympathy on the death of her son, whom he had stated he had not seen since he left Saskatoon for Spain. According to his letter, a communication should have been received by Mrs Pritchard from a Mrs Thompson of Saskatoon conveying to her the full details of how the young Ards man met his death, but up to the moment this has not arrived.

Ards Soldier Presumed Dead

Newtownards Chronicle, 23rd December 1939, p5.

Some weeks ago we reported in the Chronicle that David Pritchard, second son of Mrs Lena Pritchard, 57 South Street, Newtownards, was reported missing following a battle during the Spanish war. News has now been received from Major Ed. Cecil Smith of Toronto, Canada, representing the Friends of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion in Spain, to the effect that the young Ards soldier may now be presumed to have been killed, as he cannot be traced.