Second Letter from Spanish Civil War -
Gerry Doran - 25th May 1937

Ciaran Crossey, Nov. 30th 2008

Brigade international
Villa Dobrowski

Dear Annie,

I am writing this to you from a seaside resort, which must rank amongst the world’s best.

I am pretty well sun-tanned and am looking better – which sounds practically impossible, seeing that I was always good looking – and my health is tip-top.

Now, I wrote you about [no date given] and over a month ago and up to the present I have not had your reply, but I know you will answer both, and so I am earnestly awaiting the mail delivery.

Please tell Mary that I did not forget her birthday but that I couldn’t send her a present with any hopes of her receiving it in time, and that when I come home I will bring her some little Spanish toys, which are really very nice.

I am writing constantly to Mother, and hope she is getting them all.

Give my best respects to all, especially Jack, and tell all the kids that Uncle Gerrie sends his best love to them.

In the meantime, Annie,

I will conclude, Your Loving Brother,

Gerrie, XXX

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