Frank Edwards RIP

Irish Democrat July 1983

The death of Frank Edwards after a long illness removed one of the 'old guard' of the Irish 'left'.

Born in the North, he was raised in Waterford and is always associated with that city.

A member of the Communist Party of Ireland since its formation 50 years ago, he fought in Spain in the International Brigade.

A teacher by profession, he suffered much from unemployment as a result of victimisation, but lived to see the more liberal Ireland of the past two decades.

His main activity for a number of years was promoting good relations between Ireland and the Soviet Union. For a number of years relations were broken off. There can be little doubt that the present more cordial atmosphere in which two Irishmen have been awarded the Order of Lenin (no Englishman ever had it) can in no small measure be traced to Frank Edwards's unremitting work.

He is survived by a wife and son whom the Irish Democrat offers condolences.


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