Irish Post, 29th June 1985

George Gilmore dies in Dublin at 87

The death has taken pace in Howth, Co. Dublin, of George Gilmore who was for many years a major figure in Irish republican and socialist politics. He was 87.

A Protestant, he was born in Belfast but later raised in Dublin. His father was a leading Dublin accountant. As a boy, George Gilmore joined na Fianna Eireann and he was active throughout the War of Independence. He took the republican side in the Civil War and remained in the IRA until 1934.

In 1926 he led a raid on Mountjoy Prison in Dublin and released 19 republican prisoners.

Together with Peadar O’Donnell and Frank Ryan, George Gilmore left the IRA in 1934 and established the Republican Congress, whose objective was to establish a workers’ republic. During the Spanish Civil War he was active in organising support for the republican side.

George Gilmore was not politically active during the past 40 years but he continued to write articles on republicanism and socialism.

He is survived by his brother, Charlie.