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Updated October 16th 2007

Apologies all round

I'm sorry to say that I've just realised that while I've been maintaining and updating this site on a regular basis, one piece I'd left behind was the IBCC index. No excuses, just stupidity.

To get the latest news on the IBCC - specifically the unveiling of the Belfast memorial on October 13th - with the reports on the IB Memorial Trust agm, please read here..

I'll update this page with news, etc. asap, Ciaran Crossey, October 16th 2007.

Forthcoming Events

Belfast: There will be a Tribute Night for Mick O'Riordan, in the John Hewitt, Thursday, October 19th. Music by Pol McAdam and others. Proceeds to the IBCC. The Poster is available here - please priont off and distribute. Here is a leaflet as well.

Mon 13 – Thurs 16 Nov at 8pm

by the Orbit Theatre Company


Written & performed by James Lecky Directed by Jonathan Burgess

During the Spanish Civil War over 250 Irishmen – from North and South, Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter – joined the International Brigades to fight against fascism. Enduring unimaginable hardships, often under-equipped and facing overwhelming odds, they fought with honour and tenacity in a conflict which prefigured the horrors of the Second World War. What made them fight in a foreign land and, often, die under a foreign sun? Mixing fact and fiction, No Pasaran follows the path and experiences of a Derry-born volunteer and attempts to discover the human face of a brutal and inhuman war.

Tickets: £9/ £6

A detail from the poster image for this play

Bob Doyle's 2006 Irish tour - successful series of events

A full report will be launched later today but right now I can report that the tour was a a great success.

Over 4 nights Bob spoke to 4 packed meetings from Dublin on Sept. 13th, through Sligo and Derry to Belfast on the 16th.

Crowds ranging from 30 in Sligo, 60 in Derry, 100 in Dublin to over 200 in Belfast heard Bob link the struggle in Spain with the struggles today against globalisation and the war in Iraq.

In Belfast Bob unveiled a plaque to the volunteers in Spain, a ceremony witnessed by relatives of 10 volunteers.

Photos and a full report will be carried later.

EVERY available copy of his book was sold, over 125 copies, 45 in Belfast. There were a large number of people who left the book launch after we'd sold all our books to race round Belfast city city until all the copies there had gone with Easons, Smyths and Waterstones!

Bobs Belfast speech can be viewed at -

[thanks to Ciaran O'Brolchain for making this available.]

Ciaran Crossey

Belfast book launch - September 16th - everyone welcome!!

The International Brigade Commemoration Committee is pleased to announce that Bob's book, Brigadista, will be launched in Belfast's John Hewitt bar, Donegal St, Sat. 16th Sept. 3.30pm.

This will follow Bobs unveiling at 3pm of a plaque in the bar in memory of the volunteers in Spain and a public meeting with Manus O'Riordan as one of the speakers.

The meeting will be in Transport House, High Street, at 11am.

You can see a copy of the booklet here...

- please print off and distribute as widely as possible

Here is the promotional leaflet

Everyone is welcome to attend these historic events

There will be other meetings across Ireland - in Dublin, Sligo and maybe Derry - details to follow. January 29th 2006.

On the news front our Chairman Pol has created a website for the IBCC, more power to his elbow! Here it is. Visit it, pass the word to friends, etc.

International Women's Day events

A meeting, and film show are being held in Belfast on March 8th. The meeting is in the Belfast FE College, near the Blackman statue (this is to a Belfast cleric, nothing racial indicted by the name!) and College Sq North. The film will be shown in the John Hewitt, Donegal St, that night. Full details are here.

Our newsletter, No Pasaran is now available.

Support our fund raisers - see below

What is the International Brigade Commemoration Committee

The International Brigade Commemoration Committee was established at a meeting held in the Linen Hall Library on February 26th 2005, by interested parties, where it was agreed to erect a Memorial to those from the north of Ireland who volunteered, fought, and died fighting against Franco/Fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

In 2006 the IBCC plans to erect a memorial in Belfast city centre to these men. Join with us in commemorating this period of struggle which united workers from the North of Ireland in a common cause – the struggle against fascism in Spain from 1936 to 1939.

Remembering the Spanish Civil War

A Left of centre government was elected in Spain in February 1936 which then came under attack from the army, big business, Hitler and Mussolini. It was the opinion of those international volunteers and many others, who went to Spain, that this right wing rebellion was really the start of the Second World War. It was thought to be necessary to defend this government in order to stop World War II.

In the autumn of 1936 men started to arrive in Spain to defend the country from fascist attack. By Christmas they were coming in their thousands and this included over 275 men and women born in Ireland. While Hitler and Mussolini could send over 100,000 ‘volunteers’, tanks and equipment, the Spanish government was dependent on volunteers and whatever they could scrap together despite international blockades.

From 1936 through to 1939 the Spanish people were supported by over 45,000 men and women (over 10,00 who fell in the conflict) who formed what became known as the International Brigades. Literally from the earliest months through to the end of the war, Irish volunteers were present. They fought and many of them died.

Why is it important to remember these people?

THE INTERNATIONAL BRIGADE Commemoration Committee has been established to erect a memorial to those men from Northern Ireland who fought and died fighting for democracy, fighting against fascist reaction.

The volunteers from here will make this memorial unique. This was a war fought by men who were trade union, community and political activists. They were Labour Party members, Communists, Socialists, Republicans, and other men and women from different political and religious backgrounds. What can be truly said is that this was a cross community struggle by those from the labour movement.

There were over 70 volunteers born here who were active in Spain for the government side, including medics, some non-combatants, and people who served in several different military units, operating under the general title of the International Brigade. Of these 70 people, 20 died in Spain. We intend to add another volunteer who was killed when he continued the anti-fascist struggle into World War 2 – Warrant Officer Jim Haughey of the Canadian Air Force, originally from Lurgan.

International Brigades Memorial Trust

The AGM of the IBMT was held in Dublin on October 15th, 7 IBCC members were in attendance along with about 60 other IBMT members. Here are some reports of the events along with photos from the Frank Ryan commemoration, etc.