Irish News reports on the SCW - Jan- June 1937

P4, Editorial. The Reds Cannot Win

7th Letters Glenard District Tenants Association
[They are disassociating themselves from the Irish Christian Front]

7th P5, col. 6-7 More Volunteers for Franco
This is a big story about the transfer of men from Passage East for Franco. Includes mention of 25 northerners who had left Belfast by train on the 6th .

8th P4 Editorial. A Conditional Agreement

8th P4, col. 5 Mystery of German Liner
[This is about the failure of the German ship to appear to take the Passage east volunteers for Franco.]

9th P7, letter Glenard Tenants Association

Dear Sir,
In reference to a letter in the Irish News on the 7th inst. From the Committee of the Glenard District Tenants Association, the Committee of the St. Malachy's Branch of the Irish Christian Front wish to state that they received a deputation from the above organisation on the 8th inst. The delegation explained that the Glenard District Tenants Association was a non-political and non-sectarian organisation, having no connection whatever with the Communist Party or its allies in Belfast. On being thus assured our Committee decided to refrain from intervening in the dispute in the Glenard district.

We would also like to point out that our action in appointing a sub-committee was prompted by the impression that the Communist Party was the controlling element in the Glenard District Tenants Association. In conclusion, therefore, we would like to point out that our organisation is also non-political and non-sectarian, and we can assure the tenants of Glenard that they have our moral support.

We remain.
Yours sincerely,
W McCann (Chairman)
J Lawlor. (Assisting Secretary)
The Hall,
Cromac Square,
8th. January 1937

12th P5. Dependents of Volunteers to Spain Apply for Outdoor Relief to Cork Board Applications for home assistance- the equivalent of outdoor relief - were made to South Cork Board of Public Assistance yesterday by dependents of a number of men who have gone to Spain to fight in the civil war.

Mr Buckley said that some of the men had been in receipt of unemployment assistance. Mr. Hickey - The people of Ireland were cajoled and fooled before into fighting for Catholic Belgium, and I am not too sure the same statement is not being tried today. If they want to fight for Christianity let them fight in their own country. Mr. Buckley suggested that the responsible Minister should be asked to deal with the matter. Mr. Daly - Do you mean General Franco? (Laughter) Finally, it was agreed that instead of the usual procedure of allowing officials to decide in home assistance cases, these applicants should be brought before the full Board at the next meeting.

12th P7. Irish Christian Front Branch calls for Free State recognition of Franco

The Irish Christian Front (Fairview, Dublin, Branch) has unanimously adopted the following resolution:

'That, in view of the deliberate and unequivocal decision of the Cardinal Primate of Spain that the struggle of Christ and Anti-Christ had commenced on Spanish soil, and in the view of the practically unanimous support for the cause of Christ by the Irish people, manifested by their generous response to the appeal for funds to provide medical supplies, and also by the volunteering in thousands of young Irish men to fight in the army of Christ, we call for the inauguration of a nation-wide campaign for the recognition by the Free State Government of the Christian government of Spain. 'This Christian country should at once remove the stigma of our recognising any longer the Government of Anti-Christianity in Spain,' says the resolution.

13th P8, Col. 7 Christian Front Ambulance Leaves Dublin for Spain today
The Christian Front Ambulance Number 1 will leave Dublin today for Spain. It will be blessed before leaving by the Most Rev. Dr. Well, Bishop of Thasos, representing the Archbishop of Dublin.

Consignments of from £2,000 to £4,000 worth of medical supplies, the Christian Front announces, are being sent each week to Spain. It is intended to hold a convention on February 3rd to adopt a constitution , policy and a scheme of organisation to put the movement on a representative basis and give it a thoroughly democratic sanction. This convention will elect a president, a national executive, a standing committee and other officers.

14th P5, col. 5, top. Whole Trouble in Spain
[About 6 inches about Lord Londonderry blaming soviet influence for the SCW.]

16th P7. A European Battleground Unless flow of volunteers stops
Mr Douglas Hacking, chairman of the Conservative Party organisation, told the Ulster Unionist Council in Belfast yesterday that to describe hostilities in Spain as a civil war was inaccurate. 'Unless the flow of war emigrants into Spain ceases, Spain will undoubtedly become the battleground for a fight between most of the foreign countries of Europe [CHECK]. In those circumstances the duty of the national Government is plain. It is to keep clear of other people's troubles and quarrels and to maintain a policy of non-intervention, try to persuade other Powers to follow our example.'

18th P2. 'A Healthy Symptom' Dr. Brennan and the Christian Front differences.
[An article on the debate and divisions within the ICF. Brennan had left the Nat. Ex.] Also a letter in col. 5.

22nd P5, bottom of col. 3-4. Irish Front open letter
[An attack by the Irish Christian Front on trade with the Spanish government.]

22nd P8. Col. 6 O'Duffy's Irish Brigade Use of English ports.

Liberal Members Query Mr Mander (Liberal, Wolverhampton East) asked the home Secretary in the British House of Commons yesterday to state the reasons why action was not taken under section 7 of the Foreign Enlistment Act, 1870, to prevent British ports being used for the departure of General O'Duffy's Irish Brigade to fight in Spain. Sir John Simon - Before proceedings can be taken for an offence, it is necessary first that evidence should be available that is likely to satisfy the Court that an offence has in fact been committed, and secondly, that after the evidence has been collected the person accused is within the jurisdiction. My information is that these conditions are not satisfied in the particular case referred to.

23rd P4, Editorial - The Lisbon Outrages

Bottom of the page Free State Minister Replies to open letter [of the Irish Christian Front. Seems this was about supplies to the British navy.]

25th P8, col. 1, top. To Ban Irish volunteers?
[A small piece on moves to block further volunteers from Ireland.]

27th P5, col. 4 Irish Free State and volunteers to Spain Dominions Secretary Questioned [Yet more discussion on what powers the British authorities had to stop Free State volunteers, none.]

29thP6, Editorial. Visitors to Spain

30th P6. Irish Christian Front
In a statement issued by the national executive of the Irish Christian Front last night, satisfaction is expressed at the progress of the movement. The members had decided to support the election of Mr Belton, TD, as president as it was through his efforts the organisation had been kept free from politics. A sum of over £30,000 had been provided for medical supplies for the rebels in Spain. The convention will be held in Dublin on Wednesday next.

February 1937
3rd P4. Editorial Comedy at Valencia

P5, Catholic Spain thanks Ireland

P5. col. 2 'Irish volunteers' A Labour M at Westminster asked questions about Irish volunteers travelling through Britain. What steps was the government taking to stop this traffic?

4th P1. Irish Christian Front
A review of the origins and growth of the movement, about 12 inches. [John Brady was a delegate from the Belfast branch, as was William McCann.]

P8, col. 6-7.Spanish section of a speech by JJ Campbell in an address to the Catholic Union.

6th P5, col. 5-6 Irish Christian Front
Northern Delegates Hope Among the resolutions adopted at the Irish Christian Front National Convention was one, proposed by Lord ffrench and seconded by Dr. O'Malley, Galway, 'that while not desiring to embarrass the government of this country or to entertain any party political controversy, this convention is of opinion that this country should break off all relations with the Communist Government of Spain and should recognise the Nationalist Government of that country, which, on the authority of the Cardinal Primate of Spain, is fighting the cause of Christ against the forces of anti-Christianity.'

Another was that the Government he approached with a view to immediate prohibition of all Communistic literature into the Free State, and that the Irish Christian front pledges itself to take all lawful means to further this end, also that all literature in any way subversive to the morals of the people be much more rigorously censored and that the duties of the censor be extended to all theatrical publicity. Further, that stricter control be exercised over the issue of films with a view to the complete suppression of all calculated in any way to be detrimental to the moral integrity of young people.

In the course of his remarks, Mr McCann (Belfast) said that in the Six Counties great hopes were being placed in the Irish Christian Front movement. It was hoped that through the Irish Christian Front would come a union not only of those who are divided politically but those who differ on religious grounds to fight the common enemy of Communism. It was not too much, he said, that in fighting against Communism in the North, the Irish Christian Front might possibly be the most powerful influence that has yet appeared towards bringing about a united Ireland.'

8th P4-8 Irish Hierarchy Condemns Communism

8th P6. Editorial. Communism and the Worker

P6. col. 6-7 The conflict in Spain
Crusade by the Christian Forces Bishop of Wexford and the War. [These reports run to two full columns.]

p7. Belfastman killed in Spain Reported losses by Irish column

A report from Spanish Government sources states that William Beattie, of Belfast, was killed whilst serving with the Irish column in Madrid. Inquiries in Belfast have so far failed to trace any city address at which Beattie had been living immediately prior to his departure for Spain. It was stated last night that he was believed to have resided for some time in Berlin Street, off the Shankill Road. This, however, could not be confirmed. In the action, which took place in the Guadarrama sector, the Irish column was stated to have had four men killed and seven wounded. The Irishmen rushed the village held by a battery of insurgent artillery and captured it, according to the report, after a fierce encounter. Heavy losses were, however, suffered by the column. It has been reported that four were killed and several wounded. They are - Frank Conroy, Kildare; W Beattie, Belfast; Dan Boyle, Dublin and James Meehan, Galway. Among the wounded are Jack Nalty and Donald O'Reilly. Another Irishman, Frank Edwards, a former Wexford schoolteacher, was badly hurt by shrapnel.

9th P5, col. 4 War in Spain Belton and a Spanish Bishop.

P5. col. 5 Spoke on Christian Front Platform
A report on a dispute within the Irish Labour Party after a member spoke at Irish Christian Front rally.

10th P4, Editorials.
The Fate of Malaga The Tragedy of the Basques

10th P5. Col. 4 Irish volunteers in Spain

10th P5. Labour and Christian Front Speaker
After a session in committee, the Irish Labour Party conference decided last night to withdraw a censure resolution which had been proposed against Mr MJ Keyes TD (Louth) for speaking on an ICF platform. The Standing committee was warned to watch [the] political tendencies of the ICF and its president.

17th P4. Editorial A deputation to Spain

18th P5, col. 3. - Free State and Spain
[On the moving of the SCW Non-Intervention Bill in the Dail.]

19th P7, col.5 Banning Volunteers for Spain

22nd P4. Editorial - The Propaganda War

22nd P5. Chaplain to Irish Brigade

Enniskillen Priest leaves for Spain Rev. Cathal O'Daly, CC, BA, St. Michael's Enniskillen, has left for Spain where he will act as chaplain to the members of General O'Duffy's Irish brigade stationed at Caceres. This is the second bandera of the Brigade which is in training. The first Bandera, with its own chaplain, has gone into action in the front line.

Fr. O'Daly was ordained in 1921 and in the same year was appointed to the professional staff of St Maccartans Seminary, Monaghan. He remained there until 1929, then he was transferred to St.Michaels, Enniskillen, his first curacy, where he replaced Rev. E C Ward, BA, who was transferred to the seminary. A fluent Irish speaker, Fr O'Daly has been very active in the Enniskillen branch of the Gaelic League, and has been conducting of late a very successful course in Irish for Fermanagh teachers. He will meet in Spain a number of young Enniskillen men who are members of the Irish brigade.

Fr. O'Daly is a native of Lough Eglish, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan, which is also the native parish of General O'Duffy.

23rd P4, Editorials - Non-Intervention Bill Fashionable

24th P5. - Blue Shirt Leader Killed

Former IRA man's fate on Madrid Front News reached Cork yesterday that Commandant Thomas Hyde, one of the officers in General O'Duffy's Irish brigade, had been killed in action on the Madrid front. Hyde was a former IRA officer in the pre-Treaty days, and alter served as a captain in the free State Army. He was one of the best-known Blueshirt leaders in Co. Cork and was one of the first to volunteer for service in Spain. He was forty years of age, and unmarried. He was proprietor of a cinema in his native town of Middleton.

25th P7. col. 5 Ambulances Outside the Dáil
[Report on the tensions in the Dáil over the vote on the non-Intervention Bill.]

26th P3. ICF Meeting in Belfast
The weekly meeting of the St. Malachy's branch was held last night in the Hall. Cromac Square. Mr. McCann, who presided, introduced the lecturer for the evening. After the lecture a keen debate ensued.

27th P4. Another Irishman killed in Spain Who was fighting near Madrid

News was received in Dublin yesterday that Mr K Ryan, of Tipperary, one of the Irish Republicans fighting on the side of the Madrid Government, was killed in the recent fighting near the capital. Mr Ryan was well known in Irish Labour circles. The report also stated that Mr Frank Ryan, a Dublin republican, who was also fighting in the International Brigade, had been wounded in action.

March 1937
1st P4, Editorials Press and Propaganda - Russia backs down

5th p1 Derry Trade Union Resignations District Organisers Statement

'So far as we are concerned as a Union, we have no connection whatever with any financial contribution concerning Spanish Reds', stated Mr Frank Callaghan, District Organiser, at a meeting in Derry last night of the local branch of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers, called to consider the resignation off the secretary, Mr W Treanor, and Chairman, Mr C McCleneglan. Originally, it was stated, the resignations were in protest against the action of the Union in sending a subscription to the Spanish Reds, an allegation which Mr Treanor afterwards denied. Mr Callaghan said the resignations had been accepted and new appointments made. So far as he was concerned, he would not allow any of their members to foster any movement which could be used for one side or the other in Spain.

6th P5.100 Britons killed in Spanish Battle
There was a brief note that said that 100 dead, 300 wounded Britons, including Frank Ryan.

8th p4 Editorial - Spanish Patrol [Dealt with the Non Intervention Committee]

9th p4 Editorial - The Menace to Shipping
['there is no guarantee that war can be confined to Spain.']

9th p5 Students ban
Mr Peadar O'Donnell [Report on the ban on his meeting in QUB.]

13th p4 The Fight for Madrid
[The eagerly anticipated Franco occupation of Madrid.]

P6. ICF - Branch formed in Cavan
The ICF announced the formation of a Cavan Branch with Messrs Peter Soden, County Cllr, as Chairman; John Muldoon, vice chair; Patrick Cullen, secretary; Surgeon McMullan and Andrew McCaren, treasurers; and Committee, Messrs John Tully, Patrick Duffy, Patrick Woods. A public meeting will be held in Cavan Town Hall on Sunday and will be addressed by Mr Patrick Belton, TD, Chairman.

Appeal to Government The balance of the order for £29,000 worth of medical supplies is to be despatched next Wednesday from Dublin consisting of two motor ambulances, 150,000 field dressings, 1,800 blankets. The ambulance will be blessed on Tuesday by the Rev. Fr. Delaney. A public meeting in Dublin on the 4th April will concentrate on outlining social order based on Papal Encyclicals and appeal to the Government to reconsider their official attitude towards the Spanish patriots.

15th P5, col. 4 The Free State and Spain

18th P7. Two more Irishmen Killed in Spain

Two more members of the Irish Brigade were killed on the Madrid front on Saturday last [13th March]. They are: John MacSweeney, aged 23, Mitchell's Crescent, Tralee, and Bernard Horan, Mitchell's Crescent, Tralee. MacSweeney was a member of Fianna Eireann and the IRA. Horan was a former member of the Free State Army. The dead volunteers were close companions from boyhood. They left Tralee in the same car for Galway and sailed in the same boat to Spain on December 12th.

18th p8. . 'Our side is Winning' Irish Brigade Man's letter from Spain.

In a letter dated February 26th, from Madrid, Corporal John Nunan, son of Mr and Mrs J Nunan, Ballydesmond, Co. Cork, gives a vivid description of the action in which Captain T Hyde and Let. Chute lost their lives. 'We moved to the front line trenches a week ago,' writes Corporal Nunan. 'We met with great misfortune the first day when two of our men, Captain Hyde and Lieutenant Chute were killed and another comrade wounded. They were in the same section as I was, with Capt. Hyde in charge when we were taken unaware.

'I was in front of Capt. Hyde when he was killed. You may bet it was pretty hot for some time. We have had very little action since then. We are confident that our side is winning as the Reds are retreating every day. When they leave a place they leave lots of guns and ammo behind them. Our guns are much better, and so are our planes. It is a terrible sight out here with wrecked buildings everywhere. Particular attention has been paid to the churches, in which there is nothing intact. We hear Holy Mass in the open, and also go to confession and Holy Communion, a priest being with us the whole time. So, too, is General O'Duffy. 'We are in the line 15 miles from Madrid, and bombing and shelling is heard quite plain here. It is a terrible sight to see 30 or 40 'planes fighting in the air.'

19th - P4, Editorial - The Pope and Communism

24th p4,Editorial - Reds reject Control [On the Non Intervention Committee]

25th P5 col. 7 Dock Ward and Spain
An announcement that Geddes would stand in the Dock Ward election.

P5 col. 2. Cries of 'Up Franco' Socialist Party of NI meeting with Peadar O'Donnell and Fr. Laborda. Interruptions of cries 'Up Franco'. Nothing new in these reports.

26th p5, col. 4 Geddis said that as the Labour Candidate he'd be fighting on local issues, not on the SCW.

27th P2, col. 5'Boasted he was a Communist'
[This is a strange piece on WILLIAM WALSH, at Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. He said he'd been a Communist in Spain who had shot nuns. Basically demanded funds from a Mrs. Eliza Coleman and was arrested and sentenced to two months hard labour. Not surprisingly, he does not appear on any lists of Irish volunteers, so appears to have been an inventive robber!!, cc, 10.8.1]

30th p4, editorial - Religion and Spain On religious beliefs in Spain at Easter.

31st P4. Editorial - Another Deputation to Spain
[A hostile piece on a protestant clerics trip to Spain.]

P5 Former Belfast Clergyman Reported killed in Spain
Rev. Robert M Hilliard, who was at one time attached to Belfast Cathedral, is reported as having been killed while fighting on the side of the Government forces in Spain. After ordination in 1931 he was appointed to the curacy of Derriaghy, and it was following a period there that he came to Belfast.

He was a native of Co. Kerry, being a son of the late Mr R Hilliard of Moyeightragh, Killarney. He is survived by his mother (who lives in Dublin), his wife and four children.

April 1937
5th Editorial, p4. Six County Socialists
[This calls for those in the Labour Party who are opposed to Madrid to leave the NILP.]

Page 5. Scuffles at Dublin meeting
A report of scuffles at an ICF meeting at College Green, Dublin.

8th Editorial, p4. The Spanish War
An attack on alleged pro-Republican bias in British newspapers.

9th Editorial, p4. A deputation to Spain
[An attack on an English protestant clerical delegation to Spain.]

9th Page 5.Belfast and Derry men killed in Spain.

'The names of four Irishmen killed while serving with the Government forces in Spain reached Dublin yesterday. They were; William Henry of Belfast; Eamon McGrotty of Derry; Thomas T O'Brien of Liverpool; and Thomas Morris, said to be of Boston. They fell while fighting with the American 'Lincoln' Battalion taking part in the advance on the Jarama sector at the end of February. The total Irish causalities on the government side are now reported to be 14 dead and 30 wounded.'

12th Page 3.Derry Man killed in Spain Was one time engaged in journalism in Dublin Eamon McGrotty, the 25-year-old Irishman who was killed while fighting with Government forces in Spain, was a native of Derry. His family, who resided at Mount Street, Rosemount, Derry, left the city for Dublin a few years ago. Previous to that Eamon McGrotty, who was educated at the Christian Brothers School, Derry, went to Dublin and became a member of the Order of Christian brothers. After a few years as a Christian brother he left the Order and took up journalism in Dublin, where he edited a small weekly newspaper. He was prominently identified with the Gaelic League. He was unmarried. He was one of a family of three brothers and two sisters, who reside with their mother in Dublin. His father - Mr. Edward McGrotty - died suddenly a few years ago in Derry where several relatives still reside.

13th Editorial, p4. The Bilbao Blockade

14th Page 5. Irish Observers in Spain
Mr Patrick Joseph McKevitt, son of Capt. McKevitt, PC, Harbour Master at Greennore, has been appointed by the Dept. of External, Affairs, Saorstat Eireann, along with Mr Hugh Magee, member of Louth County Council, as an observer on the Spanish frontier, in connection with the Non-Intervention Scheme. Both gentlemen are already in London.

15th Editorial, p4. 'Why these tears?'
[On the French blockade of Bilbao.]

16th Editorial, p4. Ireland, Russia and Spain

19th Editorial, p4. The Biscay Blockade

20th Editorial, p4. - Religion In Spain

22nd P6, col. 5 Anglican Dean and Spain

26th Editorial, p4. Blockade Runner's Bravado
[About English support for the Reds.]

27th Editorial, p4. Do they mean it? An attack on British attitudes.]

28th Editorial, p4. Death from the Air
"those who read of the slaughter of the Basques from the air must recognise that the Basques, like the Abyssinians, have suffered because of their persistent reliance upon false hopes……They are a pitiful example of a race led on to catastrophe by pinning faith to false hopes from without and false promises from communists in their midst." [No fault laid on Germany.]

29th Page 5.Irish Brigade to return It was learned in Dublin yesterday that General O'Duffy's Irish Brigade is returning from Spain within the next few weeks owing to free State legislation on further volunteers to Spain.

30th Page 5, Col. 2 - May Day Meeting in Belfast Sympathy with Basque republicans "A May Day demonstration was held in the Co-operative Hall, Belfast, last night. A cablegram was sent from the meeting to the President of the Basque Republic expressing 'horror at the Fascist outrage on the civilian population of Guernica,' and calling upon the British Government to demand that the League of Nations set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the charges made against Germany." A general list of economic demands were also made. Meeting addressed by Halley, Midgley, W McCullough, and R Morrow. Halley attacked the Irish News.

May 1937
1st Editorial, p4.The Blockade of Bilbao

3rd Editorial, p4 The Foreign Born Priests [Catholics in Spain.]

5th Editorial, p4 - Another Spanish war
[On the outbreak of internal violence in Republican Barcelona.

This issue also carried large reports of the Barcelona fighting, plus a report on the 'Alleged Bombing of Guernica. Destruction the work of Basque incendiaries rather than Franco's planes.']

6th Editorial, p4 - Communism in England

11th Editorial, p4 - Somewhat Exaggerated [On propaganda in the SCW.]

13th Page 2. An article on Red Propaganda in the British Press.

13th Editorial, p4 - An Appeal to the Basques
[Franco calls upon them to support him.]

14th p5, col. 2 - Irishman Wounded in Spain

Was close personal friend of Michael Collins News was received in Cashel yesterday that Col. Thomas Carew, an officer with the Irish Brigade in Spain, was wounded during the intense fighting taking place near Madrid. While the Brigade was being subjected to heavy fire, a bullet penetrated below Col. Carew's right knee, travelling downwards towards the ankle, near which it made an exit. Although the injury is not serious, it will result in several weeks' treatment in hospital. Colonel Carew had a distinguished career in the old IRA, and was a close friend of the late Michael Collins. To be a candidate at next Free State Election? Surprise has been caused in East Cork political circles by a persistent rumour that General Eoin O'Duffy, founder of the Blueshirt movement, who is serving with the 'Irish Brigade' in Spain on the side of General Franco, is to be the anti-Government candidate at the forthcoming general election for the Free State Dail. One of his close friends, when questioned on the matter yesterday, commented: 'It is not at all unlikely.'

17th p5. Col 5-7 Martyrdom of Spain and Communist Films
Two reports from the CYMS 6th Annual Convention.

22nd Editorial p4. - Bilbao Sentences
[Two German pilots were captured and sentenced to death. The editorial calls for the sentence not to be carried out.]

24th Editorial p4. - Britain and the Basques

25th p7. Letter - Spanish Refugees

Quite a lot of your readers are wondering if there is not going to be some sort of society formed in Belfast to take share in the care of the Spanish children. The young men of Ireland who went to Spain deserve the greatest credit, and will certainly be recognised when the peace is declared, so surely those of us at home might do a little to assist an old friend in distress. As Belfast knows something of refugees, it is to be hoped they will act up to their tradition. If anything is going to be done it must be done immediately.

Yours truly,

26th p2. Falsehood Exposed
[A few paragraphs on the poverty of the Catholic Church in Spain.]

26th Editorial p4. - The Basque Refugees

26th Page 7 Irish Christian Front
To launch open air campaign in Belfast The usual weekly meeting of the ICF (St. Malachy's branch) was held last night in the Wolfe Tone Hall, Mr V Glennon presiding. The policy and activities of the branch were reviewed and it was decided that a campaign of open-air meetings be inaugurated, the first to take place on Tuesday, 8th June, at Peel Street. These meetings have been arranged with the view of combating the increased propaganda of the Communist Party in Belfast, and putting before the people the reasons for the existence of the Christian Front.

29th Editorial p4. - No Truce in Spain

31st Editorial p4. - Cause for War German ship bombed

June 1937
1st Page 3. Irish Brigade in Spain

This is a harsh attack on the Bandera by Francis McCullough. He states that there have been 7 deaths and 150 wounded. 'It is unlikely that the historians of the future will find in the exploits of this 'Brigade' the same epic adventure that was first in the Irish Brigades who made history in Continental wars.' [Approx. 12 inches. This quote needs checked again. CC 3.5.2]

4th Editorial p6. - General Mola
[On the death of Mola.]

6th Page 5. [There was a brief note to say that the IB was returning on board the Mozambique.]

8th Page 5 - Belfast Steamer Runs Spanish Blockade

Satander Monday [7th June] The Belfast Steamer Hillfern (1,537 tones) ran the Insurgent blockade and arrived here today with a cargo of foodstuffs.

10th Page 4 Editorial - A Blessing on Madrid
[An attack by the Irish News on the Presbyterian General Assembly meeting the previous day in Belfast.]

10th Page 5 The Presbyterian Assembly
[This takes up two columns, 6-7.]

12th Page 4 Editorial - A Lecture on Spain
[An attack on Dame Rachel Crowdy, who spoke to an Alpha Club meeting on her visit to Spain.]

14th Page 4 Editorial - The Gold, the Sickle and the Cross
[Editorial on Christ versus Communism.]

15th Page 4 Editorial - Bilbao Doomed
[On Franco's threat to Bilbao.]

19th Page 6 [A sizeable interview with Franco, reprinted from the Times.]

21st Page 4 Editorial The Fall of Bilbao' Latest reports show that many of the inhabitants welcomed the nationalists with rejoicing.'

22nd Page 5.Col 6-7 Irish Brigade returns home
[Two full columns on the return of the Brigade. Some notes and names mentioned: 9 of the 633 were arrested; Thomas McCormack of Tipperary; 8 men had died and 150 wounded; Dan McCarthy of Cashel, a 16 year old; Peter Harney of Longford was 70! William Burke of Carrick on Suir had served with both the Free State and British armies; Capt Liam Walsh; Patrick Hagen of Monaghan, there were also 24 others from Monaghan. Joe Duffy of Ballybay was wounded and unfit to travel; Patrick Power of Limerick.

Claimed that there were men from Belfast, Down, Derry and Enniskillen. [Down could be claimed by taking men from South Belfast, or Patrick Ward/Newry. There was no one from Derry, this was just propaganda.]

23rd Page 4 Editorial The Communist Conquest

23rd Page 5 Ireland A Rock.
[A full column reporting the speech by a Cardinal.]

24th Page 4 Editorial Ireland and Spain
[On catholic links between the two states.]

28th Page 5 Irish governess shot in Bilbao

The news report by Reuter of the shooting in Bilbao of Mrs Brebie Boland Lyons, of Youghal, County Cork, created a painful sensation in Youghal. It is alleged that she was murdered by 'red' militia with member of a Spanish family to which she had been governess, when the city was evacuated in face of General Franco's advances. Formerly Mrs Lyons lived in Youghal with her aunt and she has still a number of relatives there. She left there 30 years ago. She was described as 'a most engaging and clever lady,' and when she left for Bilbao she was followed by several girls from the town. These were evacuated from Bilbao before she was reached there. Mrs Lyons was strongly advised to leave, but being deeply attached to the household of the Count de Zubiria, where she was a governess, she declined.

Other local newspaper reports here.

Extracts from the Left press of the period

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