Reports on Spanish civil war from the Irish Independent

June 1937

3rd. There was a large article by Gertrude Gaffney on attacks on the Church.

5th page 10. The Irish Brigade

Cork reception planned

The Brigade might be back within a week, said Mr WJ Buckle, presiding at a meeting in Cork to organise a reception for the Irish Brigade.

[There were 2 more paragraphs appealing for financial support.]

7th page 10 Editorial The Godless Orgy

[On attacks on the Church.]

8th page 10 Communists activities

Public meeting in Dublin

About 200 people attended a meeting held in Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin, last night, under the auspices of the Communist Party of Ireland, Mr D Kenny, Chairman presiding.

A number of Civic Guards were on duty on the outskirts of the crowd.

Speeches were delivered by Mr Sean Murray, Mr D O’Reilly and Mr F ……. [CHECK THIS AGAIN]

9th Page 7 Photograph of Charles J Campling, Enniskillen.

9th Page 9 Mrs Margaret Ellis, native of County Sligo, member of the British Army Nursing Service, was one of five British Army nurses sent to Gibraltar to assist in the nursing of German sailors wounded on the Deutschland.

10th Page 6, photo. A photograph of Mr Anthony Monaghan, St. Benedict’s Gardens, Dublin, a member of the Bandera.

10th Page 6 Sympathy with Reds

Presidents View

Protestants gain

Rev. Prof. E J E Davey, at the General Assembly in Belfast, asserted that the Republican Government in Spain was in power by the ‘free vote of the people, ‘ and thus whatever Spain’s future was to be was in line with their own constitutional ways, and further, it was sympathetic towards their Protestant work.

While it was true that the unpopular Roman Catholic Church suffered severely from popular outbreaks, Protestantism had suffered no injury and no hindrances to its life and work.

Those who were competent to judge, he added, had told them that the real attitude of the government’s supporters, if unfriendly to Rome was, nevertheless, fully sympathetic to the cause of Christ and of religion. One could not speak of the Government attitude as Communistic, though it had undoubtedly, a Socialistic character.

14th Page 9 [A small note on the return of the Bandera.]

15th page 7 [10 inches] Ireland’s Dead in Spain

[An offer by Caceres Corporation to keep the bodies of the Irish Brigade dead was welcomed but General O’Duffy said that ‘we’ll return them when possible.’]

15th Page 11

‘Captain Walsh of the Irish Brigade HQ, 12 Pearse Street, denied that Daniel O’Hara, a London Irishman, reported as having fought with the patriot forces in Spain had no connection with the Irish Brigade and no responsibility is accepted by the Brigade HQ for him or his statements.’

18th Page 7.

[A large article by Fr. Henry Gabana, saying that the majority of the Basques supported Franco. The Republicans apparently destroyed Guernicia and ‘their devilish inspiration was to destroy the holy town of the Basques and then accuse the Nationalists.’]

18th Page 9 Return of the Irish Brigade

Monday Next

[Approx. 15 inches saying that the Brigade was returning the following Monday, the 21st, at noon.]

19th Page 11 [Another large report giving some details of the planned reception.]

21st Page 10 Editorial Capture of Bilbao

21st Page 12 Photo of Sgt. Thomas Troy.

There was also on this page a report on the return of the Brigade; this report also noted the death of Sgt. Troy from illness. He was buried in Spain on the 16th.

22nd Page 3 Three large photographs of the returning men.

Page 4 A book Review: Red Terror in Madrid.

Page 8 photograph of Eoin O’Duffy and Major D O’Sullivan

Page 9-10 A large series of pieces on the Brigade.

Apparently 32 men were left behind in hospital and 5 were missing.

23rd Page 10, Editorial Red Atrocities

24th Page 11 Kilkenny Corporation to give General O’Duffy Freedom

of the City.

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