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Belfast Telegraph, 2 Letters, 13th December, 1938.


Dear Sir,

I would like to ask "Divis’ to refrain from calling the Spanish war a "holy and just one." It comes from a lack of proper religious teaching to cal it such. How can anyone imagine that God is pleased with what France is doing, or with those who help and finance him? God did not request Franco to wage a war on the Spanish people on His behalf to snake them believe in Him, even if they were, as ‘Divis" asserts "the godless machination of Red Russia." There were only two Communists in the Spanish Republic Government when the France invasion took place, and they only held minor positions.

"Viva La Republica" says that the ‘Spanish are devout Roman Catholics.’ Why then had Franco to seek outside aid? Could he not get sufficient support from these Roman Catholics to fight his Roman massacre?

Spain was a Roman Catholic country up to 1930-31, when at the election they overthrew the monarchy and Roman rule which they had been subjected to for many centuries. To regain the land and revenue which the Pope had lost, Franco was engaged to form a party of his own and overthrow the Government. The two parties clashed and civil war ensued. Franco could not get sufficient support from the once "devout Roman Catholics" to regain the country for the Pope, so he had to get outside aid from Germany and Italy.

Franco received the Pope’s blessings at the beginning of the conflict for his; ‘holy war," and the world was flooded with Fascist propaganda that Franco was fighting against Communism. It was the Pope who gave the Spanish war the title of "Holy War for Christianity but "Divis." don’t blame God on it.

Now, "Divis." If the Roman Catholic doctrine has failed to hold the Spanish people any longer (after being ruled by for 800 years), why should the Pope ‘bless" a war on these poor people to make them return or believe in the Roman Catholic Church? Is this the proper way to teach the people to return to Christ? If so, is it any wonder why so many Roman Catholics are leaving the Church in Austria, Mexico, America, and everywhere? Are the Irish Roman Catholics going to be rested in the same way If they ever displease the Pope and turn against De Valera?

I would like "Viva La Republica" to read "Searchlight on Spain," first edition, published in May, 1938.

"Ulster Protestant."

The Foodship for Spain


I have followed with interest the correspondence in connection with the foodship for Spain. I would suggest that "Lisnagarvey" delete his references to General France as the "servant of God" a description which savours of blasphemy. To speak of Christianity being on Franco’s side is indeed beyond understanding. "Lisnagarvey’ must have a good stake in this country when he is so anxious to conscript the workers to defend it. He is a relic of the old days, when the workers were treated as slaves. Protestantism was unwanted in Spain and before the present Government took office Spain knew neither civil nor religious liberty. Christianity is the opposite to Fascism, and Is not directed from a golden throne but cornet from the soul of mankind, and so let us aid the Spanish fighters for civil and religious liberty. Their fight today is ours tomorrow.

Yours, Etc, "Protestant."

Belfast Telegraph 13th December 1938, p15.

Ulstermen Home From Spain
In International Brigade - Seven Made Supreme Sacrifice

Seven Ulstermen who fought in the International brigade in Spain have been repatriated, and four of them reached Belfast on Monday.

They are: Hugh Hunter, York Street, Belfast; W. Lord, Upper Library Street, Belfast; Richard McAleenan, Sheeptown, Newry, and a Lurgan man, whose name has not been ascertained.

Today R Boyle, Falls Road, Belfast; J Hanlon, Woodstock Street, Belfast, and W Fulton, who joined the Brigade while in Australia, arrived.

Seven Ulstermen, who fought for the Republicans, lost their lives in the conflict and one is missing.

The seven killed were:- W Beattie and W Loughran, Shankill Road; W Henry, Bradford Street, Old Lodge Road; Ben Murray and W Tumelson. Newtownards Road, and R O'Neill, Falls Road, all of Belfast. The seventh man was P Haughey, Lurgan, and J Straney, Falls Road, Belfast, is missing.

Belfast Telegraph 14th December 1938

Spanish Premier's Letter

To Ulster Protestant Society

Recently the Ulster Evangelical Protestant Society sent their congratulations to the Spanish Prime Minister (Dr. Negrin) on the "noble stand his Government and people were making for civil and religious liberty, an open Bible and democratic principles."

The president, Mr. AC McIlrath, "Wyncroft", Knock, and the chairman, Mr. M Montgomery, have just received a letter of thanks from the Prime Minister's secretary writing from Barcelona. The letter is as follows.

Dear Friends,
H.E. the Prime Minister requests me to thank you very much for your kind letter of sympathy towards our heroic people in their brave struggle for the independence of our dear country and the safeguard of world freedom and democracy. He has read the contents of your letter with great interest and thanks you for the words of encouragement and your kind prayers and good wishes on our behalf. With H.E.'s cordial greetings, to which I beg to join my own.