Articles, etc in the Irish News

October - December 1936 concerning the SCW.

This report is an initial survey of the coverage of the paper during the war. The articles, editorials and letters mentioned here are listed to show the response of the paper and its readers to the war.

This list completely ignores the substantial coverage of the war given by the paper as that is really outside my remit. A handful of exceptions are made for details that caught my eye.

As time permits more extracts from these articles will be added to the site.

CC, 12th July 2002.

October 1936
2nd P5. Irish Aid for Insurgent Medical Corps

Cork Committee of the Irish Christian Front announce that the Cork fund to date totals 462 and that a second contribution has been sent to the central fund for aiding with medical supplies Christian victims of Communist persecution in Spain.

2nd P5. Labour Attitude to Spanish Reds
Cork Trades Council Discuss Professor O'Rahilly's Letter

At last night's meeting of Cork Workers Council, Mr. J Hurley, TC, presiding, the recent letter to the Press of Prof. A O'Rahilly, University College Cork, on the subject of conditions in Spain and Labour's attitude in connection therewith was under discussion.

After a discussion lasting one and a half hours, which took place in the absence of the Press, the Chairman made the following statement:

'With reference to the letter of Professor O'Rahilly, I wish to state that the policy, principles and outlook of this Council are the same now as when the Professor was appointed as one of its representatives on the Joint Committee for University Extension.

'We have at all times opposed social injustice and religious and political tyranny, and shall continue to do so now.

'From Prof. O'Rahilly, long associated with this Council, and its delegates he is, I am sure, fully aware that we stand for social reform on Christian lines. I can assure him that we have not changed.'

3rd P5, col. 2 General O'Duffy Home Today

General O'Duffy us expected to return to Dublin today from Spain. He was in London yesterday.

It is stated that he is to make further arrangements for the organisation of the proposed Irish Brigade for Spain.

When questioned by reporters yesterday, Captain Liam Walsh, his secretary, said that he had been in contact with General O'Duffy, and that the General would lead the Irish Brigade to Spain. 'General O'Duffy,' he added, 'would probably make a statement today.'

5th P4, editorial Help for Spain

Few collections will be looked forward to as eagerly by the Catholics of Down and Connor as that to be taken up next Sunday to relieve the suffering, persecuted Catholics of Spain.

In Belfast there should be a particularly good response for Belfast Catholic's have grateful memories of how Catholics in every part of the world sent money to alleviate their distress during the two year anti-Catholic Pogrom from 1920-1922.

Yet the suffering of Belfast Catholics, appalling as they seemed to s at that time, dwindle into insignificance when compared to what has happened in Spain.

In Belfast's two years of suffering the death toll was about 450. That is less than the number 'executed' in Madrid in one week alone.

In Belfast a few hundreds of Catholic houses were burned. In Spain whole towns have been laid in ruins.

In Belfast no Catholic churches suffered severe damage, and no priest or nun was injured. In Spain whole towns and provinces have been left without a single church intact, and the number of priests and nuns 'executed' amounts to many hundreds.

What it will take to support the families whose bread-winners have been slain, to restore the churches and the private dwellings, to bring Spain back to that not-too-prosperous condition which was hers before the Civil War began is a sum which is almost beyond our imaginings.

Down and Connor Catholics will proudly and gladly contribute to this collection, and will be grateful to those who have provided for them this opportunity of showing their deep sympathies with their suffering co-religionists.

5th P5, 2 small pieces on the bottom right

To relieve distress; Derry Catholics.

5th P5 General O'Duffy was back at his office in Pearse Street, Dublin, on Saturday having returned from a visit to the Nationalist headquarters at Burgos.

He announced that the first contingent of the Irish brigade would leave for Spain before the end of October.

6th P4, col. 7

Dublin Corporation and Spain - Members Resolution

Mr JJ Byrne, Independent member, moved a resolution at Dublin Corporation last night deploring the brutal character of the Spanish war, the murder of priests and non-combatants, and the wanton destruction of churches, and that, 'in view of recent events, the City Council requests the government to consider the termination of the trade agreement with the Spanish Government.'

Alderman Alfred Byrne, Lord Mayor, said he, in concurring with the of the .., deplored the savagery and outrages in Spain, but he believed the question of the severance of trade relations was not within the competence of the Council. It was, moreover, a contentious subject and might give rise to undignified proceedings at the meeting.

On his ruling, the proposer withdrew the final section of the resolution and the rest was passed unanimously without further discussion.

6th P7, col. 3-4. Ballycastle to have a house-to-house Collection

7th P4, editorial. An Uncensored Message

8th P1, col. 4-5, Letters

9th P4, Article, Spain's Struggle

9th P9, Col. 3 Irish Christian Front
Branch to be formed in Belfast

A branch of the Irish Christian Front will be established next week in Belfast.

The aim of the Irish Christian Front is to organise a united Irish front of all those who are opposed to Communism and its allies in Ireland, for the creation of a social order worthy of the Christian professions, and to send medical aid and supplies to the patriot soldiers of Spain, and to assist the refugee victims of the Red government.

10th P6, col. 1-2, letters

10th P7 Northern Socialist Party's Telegram

At a meeting last night of the Socialist Party of Northern Ireland, Mr Samuel Haslett presiding, it was agreed to send the following telegram to the British Labour Party Conference at Edinburgh:

'That this party deplores the policy of inaction agreed by the labour Party in relation to Spain, and calls upon the Labour Party to immediately declare itself unreservedly in support of the democratic Spanish Government, and urges it to demand from the national Government the right of free trade in arms to the Spanish Government.'

10th P7 To aid victims of the Spanish Reds
Tomorrow's Collection in Belfast Churches

A collection will be taken in all the churches of the city tomorrow in aid of the victims of the Red government in Spain. To commend this cause to the generosity of the Catholic people of Belfast it is only necessary to quote what has been said by Cardinal MacRory (speaking at Drogheda on Sept. 20th) of sending help to Spain. His eminence said; 'We should all pray for Spain, and if able to, we should all help from our purses, help her to obtain medical supplies for her sick and wounded. As Christians, of we are able, we should be prepared to render that help to her.'

Already English Catholics have subscribed over 35,000 to help their suffering fellow Catholics in Spain. We are sure that Belfast will not lag behind them in their efforts to succour the people who are fighting such a gallant battle against the enemies of Christianity in Spain.

12th P4, top of col. 4-5 Murder in Spain

2nd item, bottom of col. 5 Aid for Victims

12th P5, Col. 3 Red Atrocities in Spain
Day of Atonement in Diocese of Derry

By order of His Lordship Most Rec. Dr O'Kane, yesterday was observed throughout the Diocese of Derry as a day of atonement for the atrocities perpetuated against the Church in Spain.

In every parish large numbers received Holy Communion. In all the churches Masses were offered up for the triumph of the Church, while the faithful were exhorted to pray fervently for this intention.

In the different churches there was Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from after the last Mass until 6 o'clock and the sacred edifices were filled with worshippers knelling in silent adoration.

The observance concluded with the Holy Hour at 6 o'clock, when the Rosary was followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Most Rev. Dr O'Kane was present in the sanctuary during these ceremonies in St. Eugene's Cathedral, which was filled to congestion.

13th P4, ed. Facts about Spain

13th P5, col. 5 Newry Protests Against Atrocities in Spain

At the meeting of Newry Urban Council yesterday, the Chairman (Mr H J McConville, DL, JP) associated himself with the resolution passed at a previous meeting protesting against the atrocities at present being committed in Spain, adding that all Christian people, and particularly those in Ireland, should unite in fighting Communism, and prevent it from getting into the country and securing a hold.

14th P4, Ed. The battle of Christendom

14th P5, Col. 1-3, two pieces:

Fateful struggle in Spain

Combating Communism (on the est. of the Belfast ICF)

16th P5, col. 5 Irish Christian Front

17th P4, Ed. 'The Devil and a Monk would be' [??]

17th` P5. Urgent need of medical supplies

Irish Christian Front Envoy's Message

Envoys of the Irish Christian Front have sent a message to the president, Mr. P Belton, urging quick despatch of medical and surgical supplies. The message states:

'The medical authorities have told us to communicate with you to get you to hurry the medical supplies over.

They are very grateful for what has already been sent, but there is a great need here in for more. The soldiers here are almost absolutely unprotected.

The field dressings they are using are old rags that can be more or less sterilised, but even they are scarce. The bandages have been washed time and again and there is a very great lack of surgical supplies.

There is plenty of cotton, but little either.

We have not a single x-ray film, but we have a good x-ray apparatus which the reds, in their usual anxiety to get away as quickly as possible, left behind them.'

Children Making Stretchers

'All the children who are available are working at making stretchers. The ambulances were old lorries which before the war were used to transport pigs and sheep.

However, the wounded, are eventually transported t hospital, but when we get them there they must have proper equipment if their lives are to be saved.

We visited a hospital today, and the men are wonderful. They are very grateful for the little help we have been able to give them. Most of them are proud of the wounds they have received in the struggle for Christ.

All the hospitals are full, and many more men are lying in a shed outside, waiting to be admitted.

Dumdum bullet wounds are everyday matters, and you can imagine what it means not to have the surgical instruments necessary to repair the damage when a man suffering from one of these is brought in.

We have been,' states the message, 'able to give a little assistance in the different sectors organising the transport of the wounded. God knows they want all the help they can get.'

As well as that report from the ICF there was a separate story about the murder of 16 Jesuit priests

19th P5 Bishop of Galway on Spain
'Must Beware Lest Things Develop in Ireland.'

Most Rev. Dr O'Doherty, Bishop of Galway, speaking at the Cathedral, Galway, yesterday, said there were certain papers in England and in this country trying to persuade the people that the fighting in Spain was one of democracy against Fascism.

The real truth is that it is a fight of Bolshevism, Atheism and communism against Christianity.

'There are,' he said, 'some Catholics fighting for the Government in Spain, but to explain that is easy enough. The Basques have been agitating for years for independence, and now the so-called Government in Madrid have promised that independence, and the Basques are putting nationality before Christianity.

'We must beware in Ireland lest these things develop here,' he said. There are communists in Ireland and they want to pose as good nationalists.

'They want to deceive people in urging them to develop nationalistic interests even to the point of deserting God.'

19th P5, Col. 6-7 The Communist Octopus
Archbishop on Communism

19th TUC Grant to Spain

All Unions involved, says Alderman Midgley, MP

Alderman Harry Midgley, speaking at a Socialist meeting in the Labour Hall, York Street, Belfast, last night, said some people in Belfast were placidly of the opinion that their unions had subscribed nothing for medical aid in Spain. He would tell them that they couldn't help being involved, for the General Council of the TUC, by its subscription involved all trade unions.

'So,' added Mr Midgley, 'you are identified with it for better or for worse.' He hoped it was for the better.

Referring to the silence of the Church in Italy during the Abyssinian war, he said there could be no doubt that Mussolini as Dictator of Italy was received, the assent of the church in the policy he was bolstering up.

He also referred to a movement on foot in Northern Ireland and Great Britain to bring about a relationship between Germany and Great Britain.

20th P9, Col. 1-2 Rev. Dr. Ryan's Lecture

20th P10, Col. 2-3 Menace of Communism

22nd P4, ed. The Retreat

22nd P5. Christian Front Meeting in Dublin
Mr JJ Campbell, KC, MP to be one of the Speakers

Count de Raminez de Arellano will speak on the conditions in Spain and the programme and objects of the insurgent forces at a meeting under the auspices of the Irish Christian Front in College Green, Dublin, on Sunday.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin (Alderman A Byrne, TD) will preside and amongst the speakers will be Mr JJ Campbell, KC, MP, Belfast.

22nd P7, propaganda piece Nuns Soaked in Benzene

23rd P4, Ed. Communism's Enemy

23rd P7, Col. 3 Patriot Army's Urgent Need

23rd P8, Col. 3 Spain and the Free State [about Unionist attitudes]

24th P4, Ed. An Ulster View [see above]

24th P4, mid page An Open Letter

24th P5, Col. 3 Midgley and Belton

26th P5, Col. 1-2 Large report of the ICF rally

26th P4, Large report from Dr. Downey, Bishop of Liverpool, on the Slavery of Communism

26th P5. Mr. McDermot Supports Spanish Patriots

Speaking at Boyle, Co. Roscommon, yesterday, Mr. Frank McDermot, TD, said he supported the Spanish patriots in their present struggle. To his mind, the Spanish government had ceased to be a government because it had permitted and sponsored acts of lawlessness and outrages which no government could tolerate. The same fate would happen Mr. E Valera's government if it were to tolerate the IRA and similar bodies. At the same time, he believed that communists who were prepared to put forward their views peacefully were entitled to do so. He said this although he knew that he himself was the first person the Communists would put forcibly out of the way if they got into power in this country.

27th P5, Col. 6-7 , running on into page 8, col. 1-2 [ the full length of each page]

Rev. Dr. Ryan and Alderman Midgley MP

Debate Spanish Civil War at Public Meeting

There were 300 at this meeting where Midgley was speaking in reply to an earlier lecture by Ryan. Ryan was in the audience and spoke from the floor. These extensive reports are not verbatim.

27th P5, col. 5 This is Red 'Government'

A letter from the two Belfast members of the ambulance unit sent out to work with the Red forces was exhibited on the public notice board of the hall where Mr. Midgley spoke. The letter was headed Perpignan (on the French side of the Spanish frontier), and had been written just before crossing into Spain.

It reported that they had met in Perpignan a British engineer just come from Barcelona, who had told them that in Barcelona communists and anarchists were fighting 'through one another.' It also reported that Barcelona Communists and Socialists were of the opinion that the .in Barcelona 'from our point of view is useless.' The writers concluded by saying that when they crossed into Red territory they would be unable to express any views about the situation because of the stringent censorship. [CHECK THIS PIECE AGAIN]

29th P4, large report in 'Official Report on Red Atrocities in Spain.'

29th P5, Southern Army's Commander
Message to Irish Christian Front

The following telegram was received at the headquarters of the Irish Christian Front, Dublin, yesterday:-

'From the Commander in Chief, Southern Army at Seville, to Belton, President, Irish Christian Front, Dublin, Ireland.

'Deeply moved by your telegram. Gratefully acknowledge your congratulations on my efforts for my Church, my country and Western civilisation. And also your promise of help to alleviate suffering of our wounded. God is with s, and we shall win. Long Live Ireland!

Signed, Quiepo de Llana.'

This follows a cablegram to the Cardinal Primate of Spain and the Spanish Patriot leader despatched by the Irish Christian Front national demonstration in Dublin last Sunday, offering sympathy for ravages of Communists in Spain and congratulating the Patriots for their fight for religious liberty and European civilisation.

30th P4, Letter. TUC and Spain

Dear Sir,
In a report concerning the essay competition for trade unionists by the Catholic Press Exhibition Committee, you say that the storm provoked by the action of the TUC in sending funds to the anti-Christian Government in Spain has died away. I think that statement is to sweeping. As a matter of fact, many Catholic trade unionists have had their eyes opened to the real state of things by the TUC's action. I myself know a number of people who are dealing with this situation in no uncertain terms in essays intended for the above-mentioned competition. Catholic trade unionists are under a debt of gratitude to the promoters of this competition for the opportunity afforded them of showing that they intend to take their stand on Catholic social principles.

Yours faithfully,

Catholic Worker, Belfast, 29 October 1936

30th P7 General Franco's Message
Cablegram to the Irish Christian Front

The following cablegram was received at the headquarters of the Irish Christian Front yesterday from Salamanca from the deputy chairman of the Cabinet of the Spanish National Government to Mr. Belton, President, Irish Christian Front.

'General Franco very gratefully acknowledges the message of congratulations from the Irish Christian front and their most noble help for our wounded.'

The Irish Christian Front announces its intention of organising immediately branches in every parish in Ireland in a systematic manner.

Communism, states the announcement, will not be combated by big demonstrations, but by a through, wide spread organisation. The real practical objective of the Irish Christian Front is the formulation of a social policy that will solve the problems that might give rise to communism.

Preliminary steps in this direction have already been taken by the Standing Committee.

November 1936
4th P3. Irish Christian Front Meeting of St. Malachy's Branch

A meeting of the Irish Christian Front (St. Malachy's Branch) was held in the Hall, Cromac Street, Belfast, last night. Mr. W McCann presided.

Mr. W Kearney, in an address said that the necessity of such an organisation as the ICF had become imperative in Belfast owing to the growth of Communism.

The economic prospects in the world today lent itself to the growth of Communism, and the Communist agitator strikes at this weak link. The Irish Christian Front aims at the combating the falsity of Communism.

It was, he said, a matter for serious consideration for every young man to take steps in his own interests to protect the heritage won by the suffering and hardship of his forefathers - his Catholic faith - and a means of doing so was to enrol in the ranks of the Irish Christian Front.

The Study Circle's inaugural meeting will be held on Sunday, and will be presided over by Mr. John Savage.

4th P5, col. 5 Rev. D Ryan and Mr Belton

[This is a report of a squabble between these two over unproven allegations by Belton of a number of atrocities. Ryan says this weakens the anti-Communist argument.]

6th P4, Ed. A Protestant Attitude on Spain

6th P5, Col. 4 Two stories, one on the ICF and another on a Dublin republican meeting. That meeting had been attended by several hundred and was addressed by Ernie O'Malley, Owen Sheehy Skeffington, George Gilmore and Peadar O'Donnell. Another speaker, a Mr. Martin, spoke of his experience of several years in the Basque region.

9th P4, Ed. The battle for Madrid.

9th P5, col. 3-4 Reports on the capture of McMahon and Boyd. McMahon is described as in charge of a Belfast Linen firms department a 25-year-old.

10th P5, a large item. Mr. Midgley renews his attack.

[This quotes the Dromore Weekly Times, which are on microfilm in the SEELB offices, Ballynahinch. Ask Gerry if these can be got through ILL.]

Also: Belfastmen captured in Spain

Matter raised in British Commons

Mr. T Jackson (Labour, Stirling and Clackmanon) asked the Foreign Secretary whether he was aware that Messrs MacMahon and Boyd, two members of the Scottish ambulance unit in Spain, had been captured by rebel forces in Madrid, and would he take steps to secure their release.

Viscount Cranbourne (Under-Secretary) replied that the foreign Secretary was drawn the previous day to the reported capture of these two men. 'He has this morning approached the authorities at Burgos,' he added, with a view to securing their release.'

Need not be anxious

Alderman Midgley received the following telegram from Sir Daniel Stevenson, yesterday morning:-

'Telephoned Foreign Office last night. Had no news beyond Press message. Promised to inquire Madrid and .. Miss Jacobson telegraphs: "Trying to procure details. I think relatives need not be anxious." '

A letter was received by the secretary of the Socialist Party in Northern Ireland from McMahon.

It is dated 7th Inst. and in this he states that he and Boyd are quite well. This was written before he was captured.

11th P5, Col. 1-2 Communism and Catholicism

11th P5 Still no news

There is still no news from Spain as to the whereabouts and safety of Messrs McMahon and Boyd, the two Belfast members of the Scottish ambulance unit, who were captured by General Franco's troops outside Madrid on Sunday morning.

11th P5 Irish Christian Front Surprise

Resignation of the vice President - Differences with Mr. Belton

Dr JP Brennan, South County Dublin Coroner, Dun Laoghaire, has resigned from the vice-presidency of the Irish Christian Front.

Interviewed by the Irish News Dublin reporter, Dr. Brennan said he had his reasons for dissociating himself from the ICF, but at the moment he preferred to make no statement for publication.

In a statement issued later, Dr JP Brennan further clarified his reasons for resigning from the ICF Vice-Presidency. He says he remains president of Dun Laoghaire branch and an ardent member of the front, in whose objects and success he has absolute belief, but resigned from the vice-presidency because of disagreements with Mr. Belton on certain matters of policy. The ICF issued a statement saying that they accepted with regret the resignation of Dr Brennan from the vice-presidency and that he is succeeded by Dr Connor Martin as director of medical services.

Alderman A Byrne, Lord Mayor of Dublin, said there was no serious difference between any of the members of the committee, and that they were very proud to retain Dr Brennan as president of the Dun Laoghaire branch.

12th P7. Irish Brigade for Spain?
First contingent of 1,000 men to sail for Liverpool

It was stated in Dublin last night that the first contingent of General O'Duffy's brigade will leave for Spain on Saturday.

About a thousand men are to sail from Liverpool direct to Lisbon, and will travel from there to Burgos, General Franco's headquarters. The party have been furnished with passports for Spain.

Several hundred volunteers are to follow early next week. They will travel in a cargo boat, which will wait out at sea near the Irish coast. The men will be taken on board from small boats.

14th A propaganda piece that eight red planes have been shot down and that 20,000 nationalists had surrounded 100,000 Marxists. [the papers terms]

[This report also mentions - in passing - that 'since the insurgents captured the British owned Rio Tinto mines in south west Spain they have shot over 1,500 Communist miners, including around 100 women, during cleaning up operations in the district, the Press Association learns from a high British official of the mine. Many of the executions were carried out publicly in the presence of British Rio Tinto mine officials. That report is interesting in contrast to the standard material carried by the paper.]

14th Belfastmen Captured in Spain

A telegram was received yesterday morning by Mr. Harry Midgley, MP, to the effect that General Franco is proposing to liberate Messrs McMahon and Boyd, the two Belfastmen, at any point of the frontier they choose.

The telegram, which was from Sir Daniel Stevenson, Glasgow, reads:

'Foreign Office telegrams Boyd and McMahon will be liberated any part of frontier they choose.'

The two men were captured by General Franco's troops at Carabanchel, near Madrid, on Sunday morning last.

McMahon was re-elected honorary secretary of the Belfast Clarion Cycling Club at the annual general meeting of the club in the Labour Hall, York Street, on Thursday evening. [the 12th]

14th P7. Large letter from H Midgley on Dr. Ryan.

16th P5. Limerick County Council and Spanish War

A vote of sympathy with the Spanish Insurgents as fighting the battle of Christian European civilisation against the forces of Russian communism was rejected at a meeting of Limerick county Council. 15 Fianna Fail and two Labour members voted against the resolution, which was supported by 10 United Ireland Party members of the Corporation.

16th Col. 5 Irish Christian Front

Limerick meeting

17th P2. Letters. Dr. Ryan on Midgley

19th P4. Recognition for Franco

20th P3. Irish Christian Front

Many new members enrolled in Belfast

St. Malachy's Branch of the Irish Christian Front held their usual weekly meeting in the Hall, Cromac Street, Belfast and many new members were enrolled.

The Chairman announced that Mr. Desmond E Bell, BA, General Secretary of the Irish Christian Front, Dublin, would be present at the next branch meeting to make further arrangements for a monster demonstration to be held in Belfast early in December. He appealed for wholehearted co-operation from all those who refuse to allow their religious and economic independence to be filched from them by Communism and its allies in Ireland.

The next meeting of the branch will be held on Tuesday, 24th November, at 9 o'clock sharp in the Cromac Street Hall.

20th P5. Doctor's son joins the Irish Brigade

To fight beside the Alcazar Survivors

Seven more Corkmen left yesterday on the first stage of their journey to Spain to join General O'Duffy's Irish Brigade, which is to fight with the Spanish Insurgents against the Madrid Government.

They include Michael Cagney, the 19-year-old son of Dr. Cagney, of Cork, and leader of the juvenile section of the Blueshirt movement in Cork.

Only three weeks ago Cagney's brother, Barry Cagney, left for Italy to undergo five years training in a State military college at the invitation of Signor Mussolini, to whom he was recommended by General O'Duffy.

One of the volunteers told a PA reporter that he expected they would be put through a brief training period before being allocated to join the fighting at Madrid.

It had been arranged, he added, that the survivors of the Alcazar would fight with the Irish Brigade.

20th P5. Spanish Patriots Thank Irish Christian Front

Message from Mr. Belton

The Irish Christian Front has received by cable from Salamanca a message from Mr. Belton. He has had several interviews with leading men in Salamanca, and the authorities have conveyed to him the thanks of the Christian patriots inn Spain to the Irish Christian Front for its sympathy and support, states the message.

'There are over thirty thousand hostages in Madrid, and many thousands of them have been shot already. For every bombardment of the city a number of prisoners have been shot.'

21st P5, col. 1 'Mistaken for Russians'

On Boyd and McMahon

21st P5, col. 7 4 inches on the Irish Brigade in Spain.

23rd P11, col. 3 'To fight for Franco' This piece includes the quotable line from a Franco volunteers, 'we will be back before Xmas.'

25th P8. Col. 1, approx. 15 inches.

Mr D Bell spoke at Belfast Irish Christian Front Meeting

26th P5,col. 1-2 Irish Brigade at Lisbon

27th P7. More Men for Irish brigade

One a veteran of four revolutions

17 men, nine from West Cork, 3 from North Cork and five from Cork city, left for Spain last night to join General O'Duffy's Irish Brigade, which is to fight for General Franco.

They include a county councillor, Captain Sean Keane, of Mitchelstown, a Blueshirt leader, who saw service with the Irish Republican Army in the Anglo-Irish strife and with the National Army in the Civil War in the Free State; WF McGrath, a native of Co. Tipperary, who says he has been through four revolutions in South America; Jack Lynn, a heavyweight boxer and swimmer, who has made several rescues from drowning. Most of the party are young men. They are travelling to Liverpool via Dublin.

27th P6. Mr. Belton's Return from Spain

Mr. Patrick Belton, president Irish Christian Front, is expected to reach Dublin today or tomorrow on his return from Spain, where he has visited General Franco and arranged for the transmission of medical supplies from Ireland to Spain.

He also invalidated several cases of reported atrocities said to have been committed by Franco's troops against Protestants in Spain.

28th P5, col. 5-7 Three items

Recognition of General Franco

Down and Connor's Gift to Spain

Bishop thanks Priests and People for their Generosity

The people of the Diocese have made noble responses to the appeal for the relief of Catholics in Spain. In forwarding to the Irish News the lists of subscriptions for publication, his Lordship Most Rev. Dr. Mageean, Lord Bishop of Down and Connor writes:-

The amount collected in the Diocese of Down and Connor for the relief of Catholics in Spain is 2,064-13-8. This has been sent to his Eminence Cardinal Macrory to be forwarded to the Cardinal Primate of Spain. In publishing these returns for the parishes of Down and Connor, I wish to take the opportunity to thank the priests and people for their extraordinary generosity.

D Mageean

Spanish Relief Fund

The following are the amounts which have been received from the various parishes in the Diocese of Down and Connor:-

[Editor's Note: The print from which I was taking these details was very poor, so some of the parish figures may be slightly out, and if anyone is really keen and adds the sums up, any discrepancies rest with the small print.

The currency in the 1930's was in Pounds, shillings and pence. There were 20 shillings in the pound, and 12 pence in each shilling. A shilling is worth 5p today, so the Holy Cross collection is 40.27p, Aghagallon is 12.49. CC]
  • Holy Cross 40. 05.06
  • Antrim 10.0.0
  • Aghagallon 12.9.8
  • Culfeughtrin 12.6.0
  • Ahoghill 15.8.6
  • Cushendun 19.18.0
  • Ballygalget 12.10.0
  • Cushendall 30.15.0
  • Ballyphillip 22.0.0
  • Coleraine 29.9.2
  • Bangor 40.7.2
  • Duneane 21.15.6
  • Blaris 51.0.0
  • Dunloy 16.0.0
  • Bright 11.0.0
  • Greencastle 22.0.0
  • Derriaghy 52.16.0
  • Kirkinriola 64.6.6
  • Downpatrick 27.10.0
  • Larne 34.10.0
  • Drumaroad 10.0.0
  • Clonard 59.0.0
  • Dundrum 17.14.6
  • Loughguile 23.0.0
  • Dunsford 13.12.0
  • Portglenone 10.1.0
  • Glenavy 22.0.00
  • Portrush 9.3.8
  • Holywood 11.7.7
  • Ramoan 47.10.0
  • Kilclief 16.10.0
  • Randalstown 19.0.0
  • Kilcoo 12.1.0
  • Skerry 21.0.0
  • Kilkeel 29.13.10
  • Glenarm 12.10.6
  • Kilmegan 13.10.0
  • St. Patrick's 111.5.9
  • Kilmore 17.9.6
  • Braid 6.8.0
  • Knockbreda 66.0.0
  • St. Mary's 70.9.0
  • Loughinisland 10.7.6
  • St. Columcilles's 28.10.0
  • Lower Mourne 24.6.0
  • Holy Family 81.7.0
  • Maghera 33.10.0
  • St. Peter's 102.0.0
  • Newtownards 20.9.7
  • Carnlough 13.4.8
  • Sacred Heart 42.4.6
  • St. Joseph's 25.16.0
  • Saintfield 14.6.6
  • St. John's 66.10.0
  • Saul 17.2.6
  • Ballymoney 25.0.0
  • St. Brigid's 50.12.2
  • Armoy 12.10.0
  • St. Malachy's 131.3.6
  • Ballyclare 4.6.6
  • St. Matthews 59.8.5
  • Ballintoy 3.0.0
  • St. Paul's 70.2.6
  • Carrickfergus 16.0.0
  • St.Vincent de Paul 11.0.0
  • TOTAL 2,084.13.8
____________________________ 80 more volunteers
Leave Dublin to fight for Franco

About eight volunteers for General O'Duffy's Irish Brigade left Dublin last night for Liverpool, whence they will sail from Lisbon.

The contingent was under the leadership of Colonel Michael Coughlin, of Cork, an ex-National Army officer.

Passages for these volunteers have been paid by General O'Duffy's organisation, but so far no provision has been made for subsequent payment for service.

They include:- John O'Brien, Town Councillor, Clonmel, Director of the National Corporate Greenshirt Party for Clonmel, Carrick-on-Suir and Cahir districts; John Bergin, Clonmel; Jeremiah McCarthy, Clonmel; Denis Maher, ex-Irish Guards; John Hill, James Slatters, ex-United States army; John Crowley, Martin O'Shea, Fianna Fail party; John Lonegran, Michael Fennessy, Pipe Major, Catholic Boy Scouts, Clonmel; JJ Murphy, Dublin Street, Monaghan; J Crowley, Monaghan; J Crehan, Monaghan; Aidan Burke, Donnybrook; Liam Crowley, Dundrum, Dublin; Charles Hennessy, Clonskea, Dublin.

A volunteer named Murphy, from Longford, slipped when going on board and was removed to hospital to have his face stitched.

A Tralee contingent travelling last night included John Broderick, Anthony Fitzgerald, Daniel Tuite, Manus O'Donnell and George O Laoghaire.

Twenty further volunteers from Clonmel and contingents from Carrick-on - Suir and Cahir are expected to follow next Friday by the same route; also eleven young Clones men who are members of the Irish Volunteer Force for Spain.

30th P5, col. 6-7 Belton on Spain

December 1936
1st P2, Col. 5, top. English Press and Spain, plus another piece, "The Irish Brigade"

P5, Col. 6 Irish Christian Front
Coming Demonstration in Belfast

The first public demonstration to e held in Belfast of the Irish Christian Front will take place on Sunday next at the junction of Clonard Street and Odessa street. It will be addressed by Mr. Patrick Belton, the president of the organisation, who has recently returned from Spain.

Mr Desmond Bell, the general secretary; Mr. Liam Breen, the organising secretary; and Mr. R Noone, who became well known in Belfast during the recent anti-Godless exhibition, will also speak.

Prior to the demonstration, a procession will form at Smithfield at 1.30pm and proceed to Clonard Street.

2nd P8. Irish Christian Front
Arrangements Complete for Belfast Demonstration

Arrangements for the holding of the first public demonstration in Belfast on Sunday next of the Irish Christian Front were completed at a meeting of the local organisation last night.

Attending the meeting were three Belfast recruits to the Irish brigade to fight in Spain. On Thursday next [either 3rd or 10th] they will leave Belfast for Dublin, and it is expected that they will be in the next draft which General O'Duffy will send to the Spanish front.

At the meeting stewards were appointed to marshal the large crowds which are expected to attend the demonstration, which will be held at the junction of Clonard Street and Odessa Street, in the Falls Road area, about 2 'clock p.m.

3rd P4, col. 6, top. Cause of Unrest in Spain.
Reports of a lecture given in QUB.

4th P4, ed. The Cardinal and Communism

4th P7, col. 6-7 Back from the Spanish war

Report of the release of Boyd and McMahon [nothing new]

5th P4, ed. Ireland and Spain

Col. 6-7, top. A list of Diocesan donations. Total raised was 43,331.0.11

5th P8. Irish Christian Front
Demonstration in Belfast tomorrow

As announced during the week, the first mass demonstration and procession in Belfast of the Irish Christian Front, will beheld tomorrow at 2pm. The procession will be formed in Smithfield Square at 1.30 p.m., and will proceed to Clonard Street, where prominent speakers will address the meeting.

This will be the first occasion on which Mr. Patrick Belton, TD, will make a public statement on the situation in Spain since his return from that country. Early in the present week Mr. Belton denied that he had given the interview attributed to him in the British Press.

At the meeting he will be supported by Mr. Noone. Who is well known in Belfast as an energetic worker on behalf of the anti-Godless campaign; Mr. Desmond Bell, the general secretary of the Irish Christian Front; and Mr. Liam Breen. It is expected also that prominent Belfastmen will be on the platform.

7th P4, ed. Easy divorce in Barcelona

7th P6, col. 4-5 Communist War of Conquest in Spain.

Extensive report of the Belfast ICF demonstration, with an estimated 4,000 at it. Speakers inc. Mr. W McCann, Chairman of the St. Malachy's branch; John F MacIlvenny; John Corr (Dublin); P Belton, TD, Pres. F ICF.

11th P2. Irish Christian Front in Belfast
Stewards at Sunday's meeting thanked

The weekly of the Irish Christian Front was held in the Hall, Cromac Square, Belfast.

Mr. Wm. McCann, who presided, thanked the stewards for the part they played in making the demonstration held on Sunday last such a huge success.

Mr P Coyle outlined the programme of Communism since its inception by Karl Marx, and gave a graphic description of the Russian Revolution in 1917. The scope of Communism could be imagined, he said, from the fact that there existed in Ireland today 22 organisations either directly affiliated to the Third International or imbued with Communistic principles.

Reviewing the causes which led to Communism, he stressed the importance of social reform, which, he said, was one of the principal aims of the Irish Christian Front. This reform could only be brought about by the active co-operation of all those who had the good of the community at heart.

11th P6, Editorial. An International Battleground

14th P4, col. , top. Irish Army's Secret Sailing

[Report of 1,000 men leaving for Franco's side.]

17th P4, col. 4 Sonnet on the Spanish Civil War

Master Paul K Boylan, St. Malachy's College sends me the following sonnet.

17th P6 Irish Christian Front
Meeting of St. Malachy's Branch

The weekly meeting of the St. Malachy's Branch of the Irish Christian Front took place in the Hall, Cromac Street, Mr. McCann presiding.

Mr. P Brady, in an address, said the empty promises with which the agents of Communism exploited the working classes had already won a foothold in the official labour organisations in England, as was shown by the fact that at the last TUC Congress in Leeds, the Communists and their supporters poled over a million votes.

This should be a warning, he said, to us here in Ireland to examine carefully the credentials of our Labour candidates, for the Communists had no scruples in disguising their real aims.

Concluding, he disposed of the idea that religion was free in the USSR. There was, he said, one or two churches open in Russia, but they were open for a very definite purpose; Communist propaganda. Religion as such did not even exist in Russia. The State was officially anti-God.

19th P4. Editorial. A Spanish Truce

19th P5. Decision to aid Spain

24th Franco declines Irish Aid

A short piece on the refusal to allow EJ Cronin and Dr. James Burke (of Cork) into Spain. They were rivals of O'Duffy.

24th P6 Irish Christian Front
New branch formed in Belfast

A branch of the Irish Christian Front was inaugurated in the St. Peter's district last night at a meeting held in Sultan Street Hall.

Mr. Sean Brady was elected chairman of the new branch. A committee was also formed.

The next meeting of the new branch will be notified through the Irish News. It is hoped that a representative of the executive will be attending to give an address.

26th P4, Editorial. Report on Spain

26th P9, Review of the Year

There area a lot of references to Spain and the War.

Col. 2 Newry Priest on Spanish Civil War

Col. 2 Catholic Representatives of Newry

Col. 3 Cardinal MacRory's Grave statement

Col. 4 The Communist Octopus, etc.

28th P6, Editorial. Germany and Spain

28th P7 The Labour Party in Belfast informed an Irish News reporter last night that no men connected with their organisation, or to their knowledge, had left for Spain at the weekend, as was rumoured to join the Government forces.

Mr. T Geehan, of the Communist Party in Belfast said about 20 men had already gone to Spain to join the Government, but no more were leaving the city for about a week.

30th P4, Editorial. The Palos Incident

30th P5, col. 3 Irish Christian Front

Address to St. Malachy's Branch

[6 inch report]

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