Contemporary Newspaper Coverage

updated April 22nd 2008

Newspaper reports on Ireland and the SCW

Of all the organisations backing the Republic, only the Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) was producing a paper. To fill the gap caused by the demise of the Workers’ Voice, the CPI started to publish a small duplicated, four page weekly called the Worker. Costing one penny and edited by Séan Murray, the General Secretary of the CPI, the Worker was a shoestring operation published from 32 Lower Ormond Quay, and ran for only thirty six issues from 11 July 1936 to 13 March 1937. This study will examine four salient and controversial features of the Worker’s Spanish coverage: its treatment of class and religion, its response to pro-Franco forces, and its criticism of the Labour Party. Read the rest of this article from Saothar, the Irish Labour History journal, More here.

I've noticed that there are a few spelling mistakes/typos in these articles. Bear with me, there are not that many and I'll weed them out, asap. Should anyone see obvious errors, please let me know. Thanks, Ciaran. Reports from the mainstream local papers on the SCW

Name index for these 3 papers, 1936-38

I've gone through the files of these papers again and thought it would be useful to compile a names index for these years. It can be read here. I've also linked thru to the papers articles for quite a few, the intention is to complete this over the next few days, CC, 22/4/8